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Obe: What's Best To Do?


This is the first time I experienced this kind of stuff, year 2012. I get to know that it is called Astral Projection when I have read about out-of-body experience in Facebook which made me so curious that I research more.

It was late afternoon in a weekend when I fell asleep on the floor of our room. It was just me and my mother there, who is also sleeping.

I know that I am sleeping and was aware what my position was. I was curled up, facing my left when suddenly I felt as if the floor was bending down and dragging me with it. My physical body was at least a foot away from the bending floor but as it continued to bend and continuously dragging me, I can see or feel, I don't know, my soul is the one being dragged. It looks like the symbol for the shot for moving objects in the camera. I don't how or when it happened but I then found myself sitting below the feet of my physical body. I was so afraid I don't know what to do. I sat there crying then my brother entered the room. I saw him and reached unto him telling him to wake me up but he doesn't seem to hear me. The next thing I know I am already lying there again and heard a voice asking me why would I want to wake up. I curled up again on my left and whispered the words, "Jesus, help me." I woke up and sat abruptly feeling so dizzy and tired. I don't want to go back to sleep but my eyes felt so heavy as if a strange force was pulling me back. It was so difficult to resist that I fell asleep again but fighting to wake up.

After that instance, I have experienced hearing everything around me, trying to move and asking them to wake me up but the people around don't seem to hear. They even told me that I was not even moving nor making any sound. Waking up became a struggle.

This year was my most recent experience of astral projection. I was alone in my flat, sleeping. Whenever I got up and feel like I have left my physical body lying, I lay down again telling myself to move my fingers slowly. There are times when I thought I am back in my body, already awake, but found out that I am actually not. Besides lying down again and trying to move, I would listen to my surrounding waiting for a noise to wake me up physically. I even developed a hobby of setting my alarm clock every one hour just so I could wake up. Whenever I feel like my soul is leaving my body, I do these stuffs again and again until I truly wake up. Before I used to be so afraid but now I'm getting used to it. I can say that somehow I am able to control it and living alone and having no one to wake you up made it possible.

My fears about this came back just recently when there is this one time it happened again. My physical body lying and my soul sat up. I was surprised to see a lot of people in my room. People I don't know and they are all around my physical body. All eyes are there as if talking to it. I stand up and reached through the door to get outside the house when I suddenly saw this shadow standing beside the door. I don't recall being so afraid, nor him talking to me but I remembered rushing back to my body upon seeing him.

Out-of-body experience is happening to me often lately but I'm trying to control it. The people I saw, are they souls trying to enter and claim my body? The shadow, has it saved me? Shall I continue learning to control this or does anyone know how to stop this?

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The-Astral-Peace-Soldier (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-25)
[at] MrE Your personal beliefs will influence your experiences. Hence being called a soul journey. Christians such as yourself will have a greater chance of seeing God or Jesus. Buddhists may see Buddha etc. Non-religious people will have their own experiences but are less related to each other. They have the opportunity to act out their dreams (which vary from person to person) whilst religious people will carry out their own actions based the teaching of those religions (which will all have the same "guidelines").

If the silver chord breaks, the physical body will die. Another entity can't break it. The chances of dying whilst out of the body is just the same. I guess I didn't word my post properly:-D
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
[at] astral- your body CAN be taken over by another entity.
The silver cord is not indestructible.

Be wary of shadows. Say hi if you want to, but don't take gifts unless you know the full details.
Accepting a gift is a form of signing a contract/ giving consent, even if it is in a dream.

Beyond that, meditation is possibly the best course.
I tend to put my faith in God.
Coming across God in the astral is what has caused me to have so much faith in Him.

Control might come with meditation.
Then again, the OBEs might just stop on their own too.

Either way, happy travels, good luck, and try to be safe.
Aggers (2 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
I think the people are trying to reach out to you somehow.
Maybe something triggers it, an emotion? An upcoming event?

For example, when it happened to the first time I was little. I remember I got so happy one time I felt as though my body was levitating, but it wasn't, it was me!

The second time it happened was just before I was in a really minor accident... And when I say minor, I mean minor. But I was a really easily scared child so there you go. Anyway what happened was I was on the back of my er, very intoxicated father's bike when all of a sudden I floated out and watched us ride down the road... What happened was, he wobbled, so the wheel wobbled and boom we were on the ground, our potatoes were scattered all over the ground and my foot was trapped in the wheel. And then I just remember getting my foot out being back in my body.:)

Anyway, what you have is a gift! Don't be afraid to be different. Ask for guidance from your guide, I promise they'll help! Or maybe you were not supposed to be out, took a sneaky trip out and the shadow told you off;)
The-Astral-Peace-Soldier (1 stories) (18 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-22)
Your body cannot be taken over by another entity. Your physical body and your astral body are attached by an indestructible "Silver chord". Sometimes, you may not see it, so ask yourself to see it or visualise it. The important thing is to not be afraid; be peaceful, sociable.

If you see a shadow, say hello.

If you want to experience pure beauty, sit down out of your body and chant "Om". It's essentially an instant call for help. Think about what you want to experience and then chant either out loud or in your head.

If you have any questions, email me at:
Harleydune60020 [at]

Let me know it's you and I'll be happy to help.

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