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First I want to say that I am glad I found this website and it is great for people to see, there are others out there like them. I have never really discussed my experiences, other than with one person that I totally trust. Reading some stories was interesting because it reminded me of different experiences.

As a teenager I started having heavy psychic experiences, and at the time I was taking a night school course. I asked the teacher as it related to something and he would spend time after the class to explain to me what some of the experiences were.

Examples, I left my body and floated around the ceiling, I saw the corners of the room and the light from the perspective of being at the top of my bedroom and when I re entered, my body lunged up and I had this look on my face like an Ozzy Ozborne face. He told me it was because of the impurities in my body for my spirit to re enter, that caused this.

Right about that time in my life, when I was falling asleep I had a daydream of winning some money and having $5k to take and spend. A few months later I won a door prize and instead of taking the car prize, they gave me $5k.

Before I share the next one, I want to make it clear, I am not a religious person. I believe in charitable work, but not organized religion. I had driven downtown and was sitting in my car during an afternoon, it was during the summer. All of a sudden something hit me in the forehead (third eye)... And it was powerful. It felt like a stream of energy that locked onto me, coming from the universe somewhere. It went through my body and almost felt like my legs were on fire. I am not sure how long it lasted as it was so intense. It peaked and then subsided. I heard something on the radio and then instinctually drove down to the lake and walked into it at waist level. I proceeded to dunk down 3 times and I left. This would seem like a religious experience, but I promise you I am not religious. The world is no better a place than it was 2000 years ago and possibly worse.

There are various things I am aware I am capable of. I had my aura photographed at a psychic fair when I was younger and it was pure indigo. I am getting older now and have decided that I won't be on this planet that much longer, so I don't need to worry about it. Whatever reason we have these abilities and "gifts" for, they are ours. I have decided that I will use mine at will, my friend has reminded me that I should use my energy for good, as I am in the middle of a court case in which I was totally screwed over. Prior to this, I use to just let things happen as they do. I have changed my attitude.

I believe that as we are all connected, the world will not be a better place until we raise consciousness as a whole. But, can that happen? Before we destroy this world. Anyways, I am glad people are sharing experiences, and its great to read that you are not alone. Thanks:)

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Living111 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-07)
Cheers, great feedback:) The pope is right, dropping bombs all over Iraq etc, you just have to read the Cancer Controversy over the John Wayne film, The Conqueror on Wikipedia. They are going to have a problem for generations to come, if it has the same effects that was experienced by the movie crew.
Everything is about the "now" and "me". All the other issues you mentioned, its just so wrong we are destroying the planet for all the other creatures that exist or existed, they have just as much right to this planet as we do.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-08-06)
You'll get three answers as to how far we're down the path of world destruction. Some will say it's not too late. Some will say it's almost too late and some will sat it's too late. I think if you look at the trend of humanity, we've gone along for thousands of years warring and doing our thing but what's drastically changed is how things have accelerated. For example, we were in the stone/bronze/iron age for thousands of years. Then all of a sudden (in relative terms) is the Industrial age. And then in another blink of a cosmic eye, the technology age. The problem is that they are happening exponentially faster and faster and with each new age is a corresponding ability to destroy and pollute. We now have nuclear, oil spills, trash piles in the ocean bigger than Texas, mass die offs, clear cutting of the Amazon, massive over population and so much more. The fact is, we've accelerated at such a rate that the planet won't be able to sustain us in a very short period of time (again, in relative terms). I don't follow a major religion either, but the recent Pope had it right when he said we were crapping all over our world. The issue is that we're addicted to technology and our "stuff" and now third world countries want their piece of the pie. The way I see it, we end like the famous quote "not out with a bang but with a whimper". Some things ARE better but the planet itself is not better because of us and without the planet all else is moot.

Doing good for others is a great path. Because you're right, you (and all of us) are going to die and how we treat others does matter.

Thanks for sharing.

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