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Energy Entered Me And I Had An Obe


I'm currently going through a transitional period in my life and I have become very aware of this particular time being of great significance to me and my spiritual and personal development. Yesterday, I had been feeling quite low as a result of my personal situation. A medium that I recently saw had expressed to me that communicating with my spirit guides would help me and it had occurred to me that since I've been going through this time, I haven't once spoken to them about my troubles or asked for their guidance. In the past I'd often spoken to them and sometimes asked for help and I must say on every occasion after speaking to them, good things would happen, solutions would appear.

So last night before I went to sleep, I spoke out to my guides, ('m aware that I have at least two) and told them how I long for resolution from my current situation. I've never seen them but I do my best to visualise that I am speaking directly to them through my mind's eye. As I spoke out to them I had a realisation that they are always around me and I felt so much less lonely, I thanked them for being with me.

Then as I settled to bed, my cat was behaving strangely, darting from leg to leg of my bed frame before settling in one spot under my bed and hissing. My cat does behave oddly quite often and I put it down to a tick that my vet said my cat has. I thought nothing of it, as I closed my eyes to sleep I heard a noise and then felt a little unusually uneasy in my dark room. All at once I knew someone was with me, I sensed an energy like I've never felt before. I'm finding it so hard to describe. There have been very few moments in my life when I've felt that maybe I've been watched and even then I thought it was just me wishing that I was not alone. But this was completely different, I felt the presence of another energy not physically but as though they were touching my aura. I'm very new to this and I am becoming attune to my own spiritual vibrations so please bear with me.

I tingled all over and could feel that the energy was completely parallel to my own body, as I was lying chest down on my bed. I was uneasy but not fearful, the energy did not feel bad but it did feel different to my own, I felt curious and apprehensive. I didn't turn over to see what was there because as I closed my eyes I could visualise it. Small white lights covering the slightly distorted shape of a human, all the lights connected with purple/blue light. It looked incredible. It floated above my body for long enough for me to perceive it. Suddenly, it sunk and lowered disrupting my aura space and my body and I had a completely physical reaction. My whole body tingled and I felt the need to breathe in deeply and suddenly and as I did it lowered further into me until it became me. A huge rush of white light travelled throughout my entire being, my whole body felt as though it had been re-born, it was like I was taking my first huge breathe of air again. It felt electric.

Without a moment to contemplate or fathom what had just happened, I suddenly felt disconnected and able to move freely away from my body. Weightless is the best word I can think of to use, I felt like vapour. I rolled upwards away from my body in complete control of my being and direction. I felt terrified, in awe and happy all at once. I floated in my room and looked out of my window considering the possibilities of exploring whilst in this state but I was anxious to get back to my physical body. I thought about astral projection and wondered if this is what it felt like before drifting back down to my body which absorbed my spirit like a magnet.

I immediately opened my eyes and I was in the same position that I had just observed myself in, facing to the right of my room chest down, on my bed and in the covers. I felt invigorated and excited by the unexplained events, I also felt exhausted and fell straight to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, the events of last night were temporarily forgotten, I awoke to feeling as though something strange had happened in the night but unable to recall what. Then suddenly it all came back to me as I was making myself breakfast. An energy entered me yesterday, and I saw my body asleep as I floated upwards from it, and I wake completely awake.

I have been told by many mediums that I have a psychic awareness within me that I can choose to attune to and learn to develop. This is the first time I've experienced anything like this and as my first, it felt very powerful so I hope that this is a sign that perhaps my recent efforts have been fruitful.

As a complete new person to the psychic world, I'm keen to hear any interpretations from others who may have experienced similar events or maybe you know something about this type of experience that I do not. Please do share you're thoughts in comments with me.

I'm really not sure of what this energy presence was. I have read conflicting ideas regarding energies that penetrate your aura and body, and that this can be a sign that the energy is not a good one. Though it did not feel negative, or perhaps it was my own spiritual energy making itself known to me and reconnecting to myself. Perhaps it was my spirit guides spurring me to continue my psychic development.

Please share your thoughts with me here.

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juggernt (8 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-24)
BearCat- This was a spirit-guide assisted Astral Projection... Just as it appears. YES... That is what astral projection feels like. Most likely, it was simply meant as a serious wake-up call to you to start getting spiritual, learning about new realms, and growing your consciousness. Nothing bad. ALL GOOD.

Welcome to the Golden Age! Peace.;)
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-19)
Hello Bearcat,

I think it would be good for you if you started to practice proper protection, such as surround yourself in the Divine Light (call it God's Light if you want) because there is no power in the universe more powerful than that. If you still get visited like that then you know that it's a Divine being (there are many of them).

I hope this helps a little.

Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-18)
I am amazed at you people, most of you are young adults, experimenting with unknown powers and spirits of our universe... I'm 50, and I know quite a lot from what i've read and heard, from people like you, who have 'been there, done that'! How can you open up yourself and your life, and trust an unspecified 'spirit guide' to run your life?! It's like saying to a stranger: 'hop in my car and drive me to wherever you want!'... It can't happen! We know that evil spirits- demons, pretend to be 'spirit guides' 'helpers', 'dead relatives', 'spirit animals', 'aliens', e.t.c, who PRETEND that they want to guide us and protect us! But once you trust them, and start talking with them, you'll end up demonically oppressed or possessed, or schizophrenic! Because no holy angel of God, or saint will come to you through mediumship, meditation, channeling, seance or ouija board. GOD FORBIDS THESE OCCULT PRACTICES, FOR OUR OWN GOOD! You have been warned! If you play with fire, you'll get burned! Jesus didn't do these things... He PRAYED AND FASTED! God bless! Timfaraos [at]

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