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First Bad Obe


I am here to look for advice. I am about 23 years old and have been experiencing OBEs for about three years now since I have been seeing my psychic. My first major experience was the most amazing experience ever. About 6 angles came down and brought me up high high into the sky to see my recently passed father where we sat and talked for a good amount of time. Other than that I have only experience other times of me flying around in different types of places. Recently though I had the worst experience of my life. I was in college with my friends and after figuring out a sleeping arrangement of my friend's bed being right next to me, I started to vibrate uncontrollably in my dream and in my sleeping body. My friend woke up took me outside where there was an ambulance and brought me to a radiation field where I stood in until the vibrations went away. I then went back to sleep with my friend next to me (in my dream). About 10 minutes later the vibrations started again more intense where I could not say a single word, could barely make a noise. I then went to follow my friend out the building as before. Although this time she disappeared and I panicked while I looked for her. I then saw a small dark looking girl who then seemed to take control of me. I then felt as if I was thrown out of the building and fell and fell until I realized there was no stopping me as I felt I had to prepare for. I then told myself, stop stop, let me down, let me down right now or I will go back to to the radiation field, put me down now. When the person finally put me down I slowly woke up vibrating the most I have ever in the past and very frightened. Is there anyway to stop this type of OBE from happening again, and should I be scared, because I most certainly am. Thanks for your help.

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Drakoreo (2 stories) (37 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-29)
Just like a nightmare, out of body expiriences can also turn scary,
The astral realm/spiritual world, which is where we travel when we are astral projecting, is thought-intuitive, which means it will respond to your thoughts. If you begin to feel afraid, you will begin to expirience frightful things, we sometimes say in the astral community, this is the 'spirit guides/angels' testing our fears and bravery, training us for the improvment of ourselves and perhaps missions we are meant to preform on earth.

Know your scary visions are harmless, are occuring because you are afraid, and are there to teach you bravery. I recomend if it ever happens again, be confident knowing angels are always protecting you, that you are beyond harm, and your scary visions are meerly manifestations of fear. You can usually cause them to dissipate by saying "ha, do your worst!" Because they actually cannot truly hurt you, and that will prove it, or you can rid them by sending them love energy (a kiss on the forehead will do the trick.)

Blessing, and take care.
Let me know if you have any other questions.:)
ProfKelly (38 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-16)
Spontaneous out-of-body experiences + uncontrollable shaking can = Epilepsy. Untreated seizures that become more severe or frequent may lead to brain damage or death. Please see a neurologist to rule this medical condition out. If it is Epilepsy, the condition is treatable. If it is not Epilepsy, hey, at least you ruled it out.

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