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Psychic Or Coincidence Pt1


As a child I was always lead to believe that psychics didn't exsist or that they were people who just made general assumptions. Now being older I understand what it truly means to be a psychic and types of abilities you can have. It wasn't until a few years ago that I thought maybe I had a gift. I still don't know if this means that I am psychic or maybe just crazy.

I started feeling like I had a psychic gift maybe 5 years ago. I had to write a story for a writing class, and we were told to write about something that felt close to us or about a random story. I closed my eyes before I wrote and wrote about what I envisioned when I closed my eyes. What I say was me on a mission to kill someone, and in the story I wrote all of the gruesome details of what I was told to do when killing the person. It seemed harsh coming from a 13 year old at the time but the story at the time felt like it was real, not meaning that I had done it, but real meaning that someone would do it in the future. (I hope that made sense)... A few years later the very person I wrote about in that story had died, and in the very exact way I had pictured it when I closed my eyes. A first this frightened me because I felt like I had some effect on what happened because I saw it before it happened. For years after that I kept visioning different people dying months or years before they actually did. I knew about what time of day they would day and even what position they were in when they would die. At first this literally scared the pants off of me because I thought I had an effect on this. But now I know I couldn't have because these were people I never even knew or ever met (some were even celebrities).

I'm not sure if any of this even means anything or even how to feel about this all.

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