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I See Faces When I Close My Eyes


At night, when I close my eyes, I see random faces. Doing research on this very strange phenomenon, I discovered this website which has a topic on this already, but I wish to bring it back to attention. They are multi-cultural and range from children, to elderly, to people of other eras long before my own time.

These faces have very distinctive features, sometimes bodies and even a presence to them. For example, the other night as I lay in bed and closed my eyes, I saw a young boy, smiling in my direction. He had damp dark brown hair and enigmatic blue eyes, those of a mischievous child. He was shirtless, but his shirt was on his shoulder, the shirt was red and white stripes. He had a presence that made me nostalgic for an era that I did not live; in fact, he looked to be a child of the 1950s. This child, I think he was somebody's dear little brother who was greatly missed by somebody that was not me, however, their whole sadness was transmitted to me through his presence, as when I opened my eyes, I cried. I also happen to be the eldest of three sisters, so I could understand his sister's sadness. (I am sure they were a sister to him, whoever missed him so greatly). Sometimes I can tell details about the people around them too.

Nights and nights ago, I lay on my bed 'scanning' through the faces and saw an elderly man and a girl, of nine years old combring through a beach. They seemed peaceful. Some other nights some faces scare me, because they have no eyes at all.

It started about two years ago. I am intrigued to know if anybody is having these experiences.

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fireblast (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-12-10)
This happens to me too, exactly what you told. It's been two months now and it's going so strong now, the people or places I see are so real and it feels like old times mostly, old cars and old lifestyle. I am disturb but I want answers, the real ones. I wish if you could tell more about it... I have so many weird experiences... And this is hard to share with someone
helloeveryone (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-27)
This has always happened to me. Sometimes I can control how the faces change. I thought this was just something to do to put me to sleep or relax me, like counting sheep. It can happen when I meditate too.
ProfKelly (38 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-16)
"Many of us, as we lie in bed with closed eyes, awaiting sleep, have so-called hypnagogic hallucinations - geometric patterns, or faces, sometimes landscapes. Such patterns or scenes may be almost too faint to notice, or they may be very elaborate, brilliantly colored and rapidly changing - people used to compare them to slide shows."


This can also occur in states of meditation. I wouldn't assign a "psychic" cause unless you have a good reason to (if you find a verifiable meaning to these faces), because it is usually a very normal experience more often than a psychic one.
MarianneDavila (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-16)
I never went to any session of any sort before. Until this started I regarded anything with a New Age vibe to it as a lifestyle. I still do.

However, I do come from a family who has had very interesting spiritual and paranormal experiences for generations on my mother's side, so I'm open to these types of experiences, just not really into that. I find it fascinating.
seeblue (2 stories) (25 posts)
7 years ago (2015-06-16)
My father see's faces as well. Try reading this article, it may help.

I see faces when I close my eyes, why?

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