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Robin Knows Best


Firstly, a little insight to me. When I was younger I was very close to my nan on my mum's side. Unfortunately, we lost nan 8 years ago to a stroke. When nan was alive, she visited phsycics regularly whilst on holiday with my grandad. My mum told me only a few years ago, that a psychic once told her that she would have twin grandsons. Nan always loved Christmas, it was her very favourite time of the year! She loved to host parties and make huge buffets for all the family to attend. With nan loving Christmas so much, she would regularly make crafts and baskets for charities to sell at fetes and table top sales at the festive period.

We lost my nan in the January, meaning she got to enjoy her last ever Christmas with all of us, before sadly taking a fatal stroke. By request, a beautiful carving of a robin red breast was etched onto my nan's gravestone.

Since the day she left us, my mother and I have always seen robins! One was even present at the graveside on her funeral day. There are simply too many occasional sighting of robins to mention between me and my mum over the past 8 years for this to be coincidental! On one occasion, a Robin followed me and my mum around an indoor Christmas warehouse. We talked about how much nan would've loved it. And there she was... The most beautiful Robin in the shop beside us. My 32nd birthday surprise this April was a trip to the zoo with my husband. He has always been skeptical about such events, but after another gorgeous red robin followed us around to EVERY enclosure, even at one point staying close enough tor me to photograph up close. He now believes too!

2 years ago we bought our first house. The afternoon we got the keys. You guessed it. There she was again, sitting on a bench, jumping along fences, following us for at least 5 minutes.

A month ago, my husband's grandfather had to be moved into a home, we had lost his grandmother 2 years before.

Whilst helping to clear the house, I pulled out a kitchen drawer and heard something fall down the back of the units into the bottom drawer. Well, to my surprise there it was, a coaster with a red robin on the front. I put it in my pocket and took it home to show my husband that night, just a wee thing of grannies to keep in the house and put out st Christmas, it comforted me.

I put the coaster on the dining room table, and we retired to bed for the night.

The next morning, we left the house to do some food shopping, but then, a few steps from outside our front door...wasn't a Robin, but a COASTER, the very same caster with the very same picture of a Robin!

In disbelief, I picked it up from the floor, turned to my husband and said, honey, did you throw this out? Knowing that he hadn't, knowing that I hadn't dropped it, but to be sure, we went back inside to double check.

I now have 2 matching Robin coasters on my kitchen table, I know it's a sign...2...2 what? 2 boys? Twins even?!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for around 10 months now, without any luck. But this month, things felt different, I feel more positive, more hopeful.

So to now, today I am 2 days away from finding out if we have in fact conceived this time around. I have been feeling very different with many symptoms to boot.

If we are, I know it was a sign!

I have really wanted to share my story for sometime, but now, it reallly could have the best ever ending!

If I am pregnant. We will be 12 weeks on Christmas Day! Nan's favourite day of the year.

What a Christmas present that would be!? And maybe two bundles of joy!? We'll have to wait and see!

Thank you for reading x

Love and positivity

L x

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gstories (6 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-31)
Did you find out what you were having yet? If it was twins or not I mean.

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