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Feeling Of Something Huge


I get a very unusual and weird feeling sometimes. Its very hard to describe. When I think deeply about some people or places I get this overpowering feeling of something big, the best I can describe it - balloon hovering over me but at the same time it's in my head, in that though that I am thinking. As soon as I start thinking about somebody else it disappears. However, if I go back to my original thought the "huge" feeling usually comes back even on a different day. Latest example - I was going through my last conversation with my ex boyfriend. And all of a sudden while I'm thinking about him, his last words, his house... This feeling of something gigantic comes up. Its like a ball of some kind of energy or something. But it happens to me when I think about the future events to. If I start thinking of something I want in my life sometimes this feeling comes again. It usually happens before I go to sleep when I'm relaxed and just thinking deeply about stuff. But it happened during the day couple of times too.

It does not happen often. I can not "make it happen" it just pops on its own.

I think maybe it shows me that something very significant is going to happen with me and that person or that place in the future.

I just would like to know if there's anybody else experienced similar feeling. Can not figure out how to Google it. Lol. But I need help understanding it. Its been happening for over 10 years. The intensity and the "size" of that feeling is different every time.

Thank you in advance for any kind of help.


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