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Lost Souls


I see things that aren't there, hear voices coming from vacant places, visualize things before they occur, and the list goes on. I believed everyone was like that, so I never really put much thought to it. Later on in life I realize this was something, "others," would find different maybe even judge and be afraid of me. I couldn't expect people to understand something I didn't myself at the time.

At age 14, I tried committed suicide where I O.D. On more than 190 Tylenol tablets. I was transferred to a local ER, where they pronouncing me dead, for my luck they called in a helicopter where they transferred me to a bigger hospital where my chance of surviving was comma for life. I was saved in no time with no issues nor complications. I believe because of this, "close to death situation," I have these, "abilities."

At age 16, I started to hear more voices. These voices became more clearer as time passed by. They seem to always want to communicate with me; since I was scared I didn't try to. I constantly asked them to leave me alone, I was afraid of the other, "dimension." I didn't want to do anything with them till, 2015.

In 2015, one of my good friends past away: I was broken. I don't know where exactly I got the idea of putting a clear crystal a friend had given me in his hands. In my head I was sure I would leave an open door for him to cross over to our, "dimension," at any given or needed time.

After his death, that's when things really started to pick up more. I could see him walking behind me swinging his arms as usual. I have never been scared for him. (I call him for his presence and company when I feel lost)

Recently I have had other spirits cross over as well, they are usually lost souls that ask for help. I don't know how to help them so I just would ignore them. Till one day I was very depressed I decided to concentrate and ask Pablo for help (My deceased Step father) on what to do.

As I closed my eyes I could smell his scent. He was sitting down so calmly. It was so bright. I felt him hug me and kiss my cheek. He told me everything was okay and that he was okay. As I looked around it was bright but I could see my husbands grandfather and step father in the distance. My grandparents where there too. Pablo kept repeating my mother name and saying she needed to be happy. He wants her to live life but to understand he still loves her. He wants her to know he will always love her and will always be waiting for her so they can cross over together.

Since that experience I have the thought of maybe seeking out help for these lost souls. Sorry for jumping all over, this is just the first time asking if any one else went through anything similar.

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Pinkpanther (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-07)
You are being asked for help. You have the ability to help them. Seek out an expert who can train you, then go help those who need you.

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