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Is It The Beginning Of Psychic Abilities?


I'm Georgia and I'm 23 and living at home with my mum. I have chronic pain, M.E and Fibromyalgia and stay home most the time. Things have been happening to me recently, I don't know if they always have but I'm only just listening and realising or if its only just started. Let me go back to my first major event... (that I remember, I have Fibromyalgia and brainfog is something I really struggle with).

Our house is for sale so we get people to visit for a viewing now and again, we were expecting a single woman to arrive at the house, no other details given but that and her name Amelia (also her buying position and things like that). I was sat in the bath, just thinking about the viewing as I don't really want to move, so I just sat there quietly thinking. I had this really strange feeling that this lady who was coming was psychic or just something on the lines of that, I was certain. When she arrived she was a quirky character, talking to her mother who had passed about our house, she also mentioned she was psychic, could read people and feelings and didn't like ghosts (we didn't mention the ghosts in our house though she she knew we had them. She also mentioned the room next to mine was a bad energy and cold which was odd as its where I hear a lot of activity coming from at night. So anyway I was shocked when I realised I had been correct in what I had thought.

The next time I was in bed at my boyfriends house and it was very late, around 3am and he was asleep next to me and I was watching a tv Completely random, wouldn't of guessed as they weren't baking or anything to suggest they were going to talk about it. Programme. Next thing I know I smell cinnamon really strongly which was odd as there was nothing in his room that smelt like that and it was all of a sudden. Next thing I know one of the characters in the programme turns around and asks another character for some cinnamon.

The most recent was yesterday when I sat down in my boyfriends study with him and he was sat at the computer and I on the sofa he has in there and he opens a programme called Teamspeak where he chats to his friends and uses it for communicating when gaming. All of a sudden I hear something or someone say "options" completely out of the blue, next thing I know he clicks file, then scrolls down to his options and adjusts some settings. I asked him if he heard the voice or if someone said options or if the programme did and he said no, nothing. Now this is the first time I've had a premonition through voice. I saw on a post on here another girl said she heard "blueberries" and her sister said she wanted blueberries, after I read this totally cold and covered in goosebumps.

These things are very small but are huge to me, I do tell my mum about it as we are completly into these sorts of things and spirits and what not. Other things have happened to me and I'm pretty good at guessing things though sometimes change my mind last minute and actually I would of got it right if I had followed my gut. I'm good at feeling an energy in a room or a person, so I can tell what mood they are in instantly. I sometimes get lucid dreams, especially now I'm on a lot of painkillers, I think they open my mind and send me off in my dreams. Though they aren't fun dreams sadly, actually I end up having a panic attack while dreaming and are too frightened to go back to sleep in case its lucid again as its always the same dream. I'm drugged but I know I'm sleeping and I'm all over the place and can't control it and I just search of a way to wake myself up because I know that's all I have to to do, eventually wake from the panic attack (I suffer with anxity).

Anyway I would really love to hear what more experienced people think or if they experience similar things. I would also like to further my "gift" (if I have one that is) how would I go about doing that? I find it hard to concentrate and mediate when in pain a lot. Also I was wondering if I did have a gift, what is it called? The type that I have. I had a read of different types but they didn't seem to fit but then I don't know a lot about them. Thank you in advance for anyone that can help me or just talk to me, just to talk to someone who understands what it feels like would be great:)

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