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High Confusion, Enlightenment?


When I was about 6 or 7 I was in a park with my friends, we were playing tip, and I remember running incredibly, and I mean incredibly fast after one of them over a long distance I was able to catch up to him quite easily, like say 30m in 4 seconds. It was the fastest that I have ever ran in my whole life and straight after I tried to do it as quick again but I was unable to. About 3 days later I was at avalon park with my sister sitting on the swing with her. I remember saying something but I cannot remember quite what but I remember I asked something stupid. I can't remember in complete detail what happened next but I remember seeing a creature appear which was blue of something and he said he wanted to speak to me or something and al I had to do if I wanted to speak to him was climb under a bridge. It was like one of those play equipment bridges and was about 30cm off the ground or so it was a bit of an effort to climb under. Now excuse me for not going fully into detail but I can't remember it completely, I actually completely forgot about it 1hr afterwards until I was 17 years old, and then it started coming back in small bits, like the pieces being filled in on purpose. Either way I'll get back to that later but when I came out from the other side of the bridge everything like, the air had like a gold glow to it, there were 4 or something creatures standing there waiting for me, they said that we could take our time because time was paused or something along those lines, I can't remember the exact wording but yeah you get the point, pretty much my parents weren't there on the other side of the bridge, my sister wasn't there just these 4 creatures and the gold like haze. They said something like I will endure a very hard life but all I needed to do was,____ and its blank I can't remember they told me to do. Maybe I will when I'm ready. They said if I succeed at this life though I will be a very important person to the world or something along those lines, a really good person. Then they offered to show me what I could become if I went to my full potential, I remember that it was kind of like a big jumble clutter laid out of like scenery, kind of like a movie with lots of bits, put together, and when I experienced it I remembered just then actually that I could remember what I saw myself as until I went back under the bridge. All I do remember though is going into some like portal goldy glow thing that they set up to show me it and then whoosh I was somehow like 3rd person experiencing what it would be like to be at my best potential, Although it was like I watched it really quick and then it was over, but I retained all the information I saw in it in that time. I don't know if it was because time was slower in this place or something but yeah that's how I experienced it. Then they asked my if I wanted to go through with it to become this person, and of ourse I said yes. They did say that if I said yes there was no turning back though. Sometimes its good what I experience sometimes it's terrible, I don't know how it affects me but it does at some level. The bad things make me stronger the good things motivate me more, but either way. My mum did witness when I was in her stomach still growing before birth a gold orb above her, she thought it was me and said hey get back in here! But I don't think it was I think it was one of them watching me and planning this out before it happened.

Lately I have been seeing and experiencing all kinds of weird things, when I was 10 I had a love heart mole appear on one of my thighs overnight, a scar appear on my arm as well on the same night, later on in life when I was 17 I was able to look at every line in detail and I mean every line on my arm and some of them joined up to form pictures, on the particular scare I saw miniature love hearts going over the line as if it was sewn up by them.

I also realized when I was 17 that I have a 3d triangular pyramid on the same thigh, and also a diamond, I had a pimple on my lip that I thought was so ugly when I was 14 that took ages to go away but when it did it left a permanent scar of a musical note on my lip. (this one goes real into detail this one pimple haha) When I was 17 I saw aliens and I mean spaceships, moving stars (alien crafts disguised as stars) and this alien that I became friends with for awhile called alue, who I saw with my own eyes he had a green translucent body with a still peaceful looking face and he smelt kind of like airwick car purifiers his translucent green skin had star looking things on certain pinpoints like main parts of his body and they had greener lines connecting them, they looked like constellations. The aliens told me one night, because I wanted them to teach me things, to love every molecule in my body and just breath, I did so and slowly I felt this really strong static energy on my hands picking up, when I got to a certain point my hands were fully static, and then my brain got static, I couldn't feel the static as strong as I did in my hands but it was like tingling in my brain, and I felt my headspace slowly creeping down into my body into my chest in between my breasts, I was in my soul chamber. They told me your living as a soul now and I looked in the mirror and f*ck it was weird haha I was just experiencing life as a single soul, my face didn't show any negative emotions whatsoever, just enjoyment because its weird I don't know how to explain it fully but I was just a soul in the physical plane, I was just there to live life, yet still in my body. They taught me that everything is boundless love, The pimples made me feel ugly for years but it left a beautiful scar, The lesson I learned there was that if things made me feel bad I should just do what I wanted to do and not let them affect me and and then I could just do my normal thing without them affecting me, like nothing happened. When I experienced living as a soul I also saw one of the true beauties in life, I saw older people as more beautiful than younger people, I still saw younger people as beautiful because they were young but I found older people more appealing, not in a sexual way but in a beauty way. I enjoyed all their wrinkles and saw the patterns that they made and saw how much more beautiful they got when they aged, I could pull a thousand pictures and meanings out of the lines on their face, also when you age you get more mature, maturity makes you more beautiful mentally.

Yeah I have learnt some pretty big things through my journey, although I wonder if I will be able to remember them all when I'm fully ready, that would be really good, instead of having this planned out and me being able to retrieve bits of information when the time is right like remembering my first experience when I'm 17 like 10 years later. When I was living as a soul I found it so much easier to get through situations because I was less cluttered I was just enjoying being here on earth, walking was so fun as well, like really fun haha.

Oh and I don't know if that living as a soul thing is me opening up my 3rd eye completely or something or if it was just something else, if anyone knows please tell me so I can find out more.

Thanks, kaelym.

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pandibeah (6 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-10)
The first part is very creepy. I block stuff out so I don't deal with it and if that was me I would go through a break down lol
Paws (3 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
I loved reading your story, it was beautiful. I hope you share more with us some time.

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