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Sensing Everything


I'm 16 years old and in year 10 but recently my mind is going crazy I think so fast it's like colours are flying past that make logical sense to me but nobody else.

Furthermore I find when I shut my eyes and block out all sound I can see everything around me in a 360 degree scale as tho I had eyes there.

My friend has tested me by putting a number 1-10000 on a calculator at random and placing it behind my head putting earplugs in and putting on a blindfold.

I guessed right every time, because I could see his hand and the calculator!

When I got my eyes open I have gotten better at it so I can sense shapes as though I'm looking through tinted glass, but I always check and the object I saw is always there.

I really just want to know what is going on am I going insane or something?

In sports people have started calling me some kind of psychic, because every time the ball goes near me from behind I can block or catch it with ease.

I find that the more I do it the better it gets, and it's not good perception or anything it's like I can see in all directions while my real eyes still work the same.

I have tried to look everywhere for an answer to this, but nowhere seems to have anything of an answer to what I don't think of an issue but more of a curiosity.

So hopefully in the discussions here there'll be something that gives me some foothold in this situation.

If you are reading this no I'm not crazy no I'm not anything I'm just trying to get by and whatever this is, is causing me concern so blame me for looking for help.

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john888 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-08-12)
Hi Zenane,
I read an extract from a book about a blind Frenchman that could see like that even though he was blind. He also found he lost his ability somewhat if he had negative emotions. A pure heart is required. It seems you have this ability and can see normally as well. I have also read of people having near death experiences and being able to see like that so I would say you are using a more spiritual way of seeing. Maybe in the future there will be many more people like you but you are forerunner it seems. I don't think it is something to worry about as nothing negative is happening.

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