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Am I Haunted, Insane Or Clairvoyant?


As a child I was very sensitive. I also saw spirits often, with the most reoccurring visions being that of three women who I felt were my guardians. They would stand near me or around me and sometimes chant in another language. I often dreamt a lot as a child. Often in these dreams I would be someone I had never met before and everything was in great detail. I was usually someone experiencing some sort of distress. An example of this would be a dream I had as an eight year old where I was a forty year old red headed hooker living in a motel in Nevada and working the streets - something that was completely different from my real circumstances. During these dreams I would often sleep walk, sleep talk (sometimes in foreign languages) and my body would contort itself. It became such an issue that I was put on sleeping pills at the age of ten to help me get through the night. As I have grown older, I seem to dream less, though I am still never myself when I do dream. I have also experienced other strange things that have caused me to question what is going on. I have seen a glass of water elevate and pour itself out onto the floor. I've seen a couple of full bodied spirits. I saw one in an apartment, she stayed in the hallway, was in pioneer clothing and carried a basket. I never saw her face, I would see her cross the hallway and she would stand at the entrance of my bathroom with her back to me staring out into space. In a rented farmhouse that I lived in I saw a man running through my front yard through a large plate glass window. He looked distressed and not realizing he wasn't real I ran out to see if I could help, only to find I was by myself. Pictures have fallen off of walls in all of my homes without reason, I've seen things fly off of shelves as if being shoved off. I have been visited by one spirit I believe was evil. I have two dogs and both of them started barking at a dark corner in my apartment, they barred their teeth and the hair on their backs was raised. Nothing was visible, but a crash sounded from my bedroom, when I went to see what caused it, the bedroom door slammed behind me and I couldn't open it. The room seemed to get colder and a strand of my hair lifted and brushed my cheek. Then everything returned to normal. On another occasion visiting friends, I heard the sound of children laughing all around their home. Later that evening as we were sitting in her living room, every light bulb in the room went black and died. Later that night I was sleeping on an air mattress in the same room and I heard the giggling again, the hair band I was wearing slipped off of my hair and it felt like a child was playing with it. I recently bought a newer home and was hoping that the weirdness was behind me, however pictures still occasionally fall off of walls, objects like a picnic basket have flown across the room and hit the opposite wall. I came home the other day and my chandelier was swinging back and forth as if it were being pushed, I called out "Hello?" and it abruptly stopped and one of the shades on the chandelier flew up, hit the ceiling, then flew to the side wall and then tumbled down to the floor where it landed perfectly upright. I got a chill, and then it seemed everything was fine. I did all of the practical things like seeing if doors slamming or the garage door opening would make the light swing, and of course it didn't. Electronics work oddly around me, on two occurrences when I've felt intense emotions radios and televisions have turned on by themselves. Phones and remotes and even automatic doors at grocery stores do not work properly around me. I visited a psychic a few years ago with a friend after telling her some of these stories, and was told that I am highly clairvoyant and also a witch, she actually said that she saw me as a leader and that I would be asked to visit different lands to share my vision and that I was guarded by three witches - odd considering my previous childhood experiences. She said that eventually I would gain full sight of the spirits that surround me. I grew up somewhat skeptical, made to believe that the oddities I experienced were coincidence or provoked by insomnia, however the fact that they keep happening has me questioning my skepticism. I laughed off what the psychic said as nonsense, but with the encouragement of friends I'm willing to be a little open. I want to understand what is going on. I'm not afraid of any of it, but tired of being confused as well. I seem to walk on a line, thinking I'm either completely insane or somehow gifted. Any advice would be helpful. I want to know what I should do or study to better understand what is happening around me.

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max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-28)
Maybe you should try meditating. That really helps me focus and relax. Also, I don't think you are insane at all. The guardian angels are definately a likely possibilty when you were younger. I have friends that have expierienced communicating with spirits better than I. Lots of the times they wanted to give a message to a loved one or something. I don't know what exactly you believe in, but I find praying to ArchAngel Michael is always good, because he protects you and doesn't let any bad things near me. If you find your gift positive you should try and keep on learning more about it, talk to your family more if they are open to it too. If you find your gift negative, you never have to have it. Just pray for it to go away and that you aren't ready. I hope everything becomes clearer for you. I wish you the best.:)
Madara (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-28)
Hello sun_sal
I want to ask you if you think that the ghosts/spirits you've encountered can be somewhat related? I mean according to your story there were ghosts in every house you went to, so maybe the houses aren't hounted and those spirits go after you maybe for help?I'd suggest trying to talk with your 3 guardians in a lucid dreams about everything that's happened, and ask them for advice.
I don't believe psychics that take your money, but she said things that make sense. I don't know if she meant witch meaning clairvoyant or actually a witch. You can always try some spells and see if they work.
And for your visions in your dreams they can be you seeing what's happening with other people. I mean that maybe your mind shows you images of situations that happen while you are asleep.
Sorry for my grammar, I don't know English very well.

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