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Dark Shadowy Figure Over My Bed Not So Frightening After All


To start, I was raised to be fearful of anything that could not be rationally explained away. So this has been a really troublesome experience. Throughout my life I've had a terrifying shadowy figure stand over me sometimes at night. I would wake up feeling terrified, see a dark figure with what seemed like it was wearing a brimmed hat standing over me. I couldn't breathe, move, or make a sound. Other times I would just stop breathing while asleep and wake up panicked with the same feeling knowing it was there. Still sometimes, like last night, I was falling asleep and just felt the cold, scary feeling in the room and knew it was there. After reading about this phenomenon, I chalked it up to being demon possesses or sleep apnea and avoided sleeping on my back. Now a days I don't view the world divided by angels and demons, but as just energy, so that has helped me not be as terrified, but still has not explained this occurrence. But last night, as well as a couple I times, it happened and I wast on my back so I ruled out apnea. I was too tired to wake up to properly shoo it away with calling on good energy, white light, Goodness, angels, and basically any positive entity that I could think of, dream of, or muster like I normally do. So instead, in my semi awakened state I had an epiphany. The thought popped in my mind that what ever it was wasn't intentionally trying to torment me, that was just my natural reaction to something not of my comfy and familiar materialized world. Immediately after I had that thought, I could feel my spirit become giddy and I physically felt like my oft and self was buzzing and vibrating with energy. I even saw strange colors. Keep in mind I haven't taken any drugs or anything. I had all of these rapidly incoming thoughts, or truths, firing through my mind but I can't recall what they were, yet I know that I have them stored away subconsciously. I realized the panic and anxiety was actually an energy surge and so each time I felt what I thought was the feeling of fear or panic start last night, I accepted, or explored it, and let it happen and the fear quickly went away and I would have the feeling of energy zipping through me.

While I appreciate people sharing similar stories, I'm really hoping someone can tell me what is going on. I don't consider myself psychic or to have psychic abilities. The only thing I have going for me is that I can see auras but no color, and this has been all my life. Even after attempts and exercises to further develop that. I have just been trying to clear my mind and draw closer to Spirit/God, maybe that has something to do with it? Idk, any ideas?

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newhunter30 (34 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-30)
I had a similar experience when I was a teenager, at least the feeling of being terrified by some unknown entity. I had many restless nights as you until I realized that it was not there to scare or bother me but as you was scared of the unknown.

I talked to some people who knew more than I and did some research and found that it was my spirit guide at that point in my life. The funny part is mine was a gunslinger with a brimmed hat. I finally learned of meditation and found out who he was that way. I would recommend finding a meditation to contact your spirit guide and see if that is who you are seeing.
Dove2015 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-30)
Hello crysk83
Wow, so I had no intention on joining this website, however your story is all too familiar chapter of my lifefirst I'd like to say Kudos to you! For recognizing how extraordinary our spirits are, how connected and equal we are in different realms. It takes true bravery and awareness to understand or accept things that go bump in the night. Like yourself I was mislead by many loved ones during my journey of self discovey, People love to scare the shiat out of you with demon possession theories and hags riding your back. The theories are disrespectful to someone whos already spooked. None the less, with time I grew tired of being scared to go to sleep, watching my thoughts, Laying on my side, Then my back. Grrr, felt like I was losing it. I eventually faced it with time, it began to happen to much, I actually only seen it once, usually I was too freaked to look (very tall, very fast), it seemed as if he/she was squeezing my face. Weird, good thing his/her breasth didn't stink, kidding. But the shadow does mirror a stephen king movie, but like yourself once I realized that I was in control, as far as my thoughts and emotions were concerned I turned into my own sleep Hero! I never could explain to anyone what happened, and then what I did to change it didn't offer much explanation either. Truthfully it didn't matter
I am and was so proud of myself. To this day, I have learned to let my good thoughts take control, fear is overrated, Love and understanding are the recipes for a healthy Soul. I'm just so Happy to know someone else figured it out tooo. I'm not alome in being Bigger than this skin. Yesss. Thanks for sharing and recognizing the higher power in the universe who perpetuates in all things... Even the ones we fear and don't understand. You go girl!;-)

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