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Struggling With Handling Abilities Going To School


Here's a little bit of information on me since I am new here. When I was in high school I new I was different and felt like an outcast even though I did sports and joined clubs. I was always the quiet kid growing up, unless I got to know someone and warm up to them then I would talk a lot. So anyways, I got interested in the metaphysical stuff. The reason I got into it was because I was depressed because I felt alone and growing up with a large religious family we didn't believe in suicide. So I looked up online for weeks trying to find out what happens to us when we die. I watched videos, read articles etc. Though it wasn't until college after I met a psychic/medium it changed my life. I was 20 years old when I met him. He first met my best friend (who is a girl) when we first met, we just clicked, we never dated, but have kissed a few times. This guy named Eddie, met her at the mall while he was doing a reading on some lady. Afterwords, he came up to talk to her and he knew things about her that know one else would know except her. When he started mentioning me to her, like my personality and how I look she immediately called me when he left (she got his number) We talked about this guy at Panera for a few hours and the next day decided to contact him for a meet. We met at the beach, where it would be calm and public since we didn't know this guy. He's an odd kind of character when you meet him, some would say that he's "special" and would often spit when he talks, leaving drool running down his face to his beard to catch the saliva. When I met Eddie, I didn't judge him for he looked or how he spoke because I could feel that this guy was a good soul and really wanted to talk to us. We stayed on that beach for 2 hours just talking. He told me about my abilities I have and answered questions I had that were happening to me. For instance, I'm not even kidding. I opened a can of soda (I rarely drink soda) I was sitting out back watching my dog run around, by then I drank half my can when she started to bark at me to play. I slowly put aside the can on the bench and carefully got up. When I got to the porch I excitedly jumped off the porch to scare my pup away (This how we play). The bench was at least 8 to 10 feet behind me and after I jumped, the can fell to the ground and the coke inside flew EVERYWHERE. (this was not caused by vibrations of me jumping) When I picked up can, the lid was shut tight, I even tilt it over and nothing spilled out, though you could still feel there was at least half a can of soda left. I was told that was TELEKINESIS, Eddie brought friends with him, his girl friend and his mate. His mate is a non believer of his abilities and wanted to see if what he can do is legit. Eddie proved him right after he gave me a reading on my life and was also accurate, just like with my best friend. That following day Eddie and I spent the entire day together telling me about EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING. It was so much, that I can't remember most of it. After we met he seemed to have vanished (not answering calls, txts, nothing). I still haven't seen him (this happened in may, two days before I left for the summer to work at a camp), but since then I've realized I can now hear spirits and have helped people with giving them messages from the other side. The problem I am having right now is dealing with spirits bothering me while i'm in class or trying to do something that needs concentration. So far I am learning to shield myself from them when I don't need to be bothered. I still need help and wish I could have someone help me learn or teach me more about my abilities. Sorry, I know this was long, but hopefully your eyes wasn't hurt by your computer screen reading this, lol.

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