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Everyday Experience Turned Drastic


Alright, so lately I've came across occurrences where I'll just be going about my everyday life and a thought will occur (let's say a friend I haven't seen since Highschool, then around the corner I will some how just come across them). Little stuff like that happens to me on a daily/every other day basis.

Well today I had a more eye opening experience. In my first hour class, we were watching the rest of the students give their presentations. As the LAST (keep that in mind) student came up and gave his speech, about half way through, a thought occurred about fainting or passing out, but not him in particular. I stayed alert though just in case he started to act different. Luckily, nothing happened and he finished his speech.

About 5 hours later in my 3rd class of the day we were also watching the rest of our classmates give their speeches. The LAST kid came up and was giving his speech perfectly fine. About half way in his speech, he took a deep breath and apologized for being light headed. (The thought from earlier that day had occurred again and I wondered if this was what I was thinking about?) He stood there a little longer and at that point I knew he was at the point of not being aware of his surrounding and loosing consciousness (I've fainted many times before). I spoke up and told him that there's a chair right next to him if he needs to sit down, but at that point he was for the most part incoherent. I really wanted to get up and grab the chair for him but the professor had gotten there first and assisted him.

This was really alarming to me because it literally was so relevant to the thought I had earlier today. Most of these experiences aren't so drastic, but this one had me shaking and in awe. If anyone has any advice Id appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-08)
This is just simply precognition. Nothing extraordinary.

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