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A None Believer Turned Believer


I am 39 years of age, male and always thought the psychic world was a little hocus-pocus. My mother has had serious health issues for the last 20 years. She, unfortunately, was diagnosed with cancer on top of her previously existing health issues. Out of desperation and we both called a phone psychic hotline here in Australia to see what a psychic had to say about the matter.

We called and couldn't get through but tried again a few minutes later. The psychic told me and mum she was not able to say a lot because of legal restrictions but then went on to carefully choose her words. Saying "there will be great hurdles before regaining health and there will be recovery with a view". My mother carefully catching on to how the psychic was wording her reading asked something along the lines of "once I am better what will my hospital room look like"? The psychic described a room with a view that looks out over a park and is very high up.

Well, mum had her surgery just a few days ago. As the reader predicted she had a great few hurdles with her operation and nearly died twice. The more amazing thing was the psychics' insight to the question what will my room look like? It was exactly how the clairvoyant predicted. A high up room with an amazing view overlooking a park. I definitely wasn't a believer before. Thinking especially we would not find a legitimate psychic reading from a phone psychic on the internet.

For all the none believers reading there are real psychics out there.

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Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-16)
Hi Nigel,
I wish your mother would get better soon and I see your experience like an sigth from heaven to increase your trust about God existence or, if you preffer, an opportunity to give to yourself the bennefit of doubt about materialist or spiritualist hypotesis. Dont'you think?
God is a hard concept to understand and beleave, but I think if we truly have an Life after death, the spiritual communication with us it's a way to give us a free will. Faith without reason do not belong to our time an will not subsist.
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-29)
Nice to hear that. I wish you and your family a blessed and wonderful New year. I hope nothing blocks your path.

Being a psychic is confusing. It feels good sometimes but sometimes, it just feels really heavy. I guess what I'm trying to say is kind of similar to what Lyro said. I don't think it's much of a curse. It's just that, sometimes, it makes you feel lonely cause you can't really seem to be able to connect with other people. It's especially difficult when you don't understand it, in the beginning. You start understanding later though I guess. Your perspective about things might change as well. Take care.

God bless you.
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-21)
I don't fault you for being skeptic at all, in fact most of the "Psychics" that you will find in the world, or on phone lines trying to make money will often times warp what you say, or give very vague predictions to make it seem like they have great insight when they really do not. However, that's a major key in finding the ones who truly are gifted from those that aren't. The ones who really are in this world often times don't choose to be. Myself included, I never asked for any of it, and it just started happening one day. Most people here don't see it as a great gift but instead a curse, and those are the ones who really are telling the truth. It's sad, but with how many people claim to be what they aren't, when someone really is, then there's a world of misinformation. There will of course be times where things will still seem like hocus pocus because it really is mind boggling what is possible, it'll feel like warping the universe itself, but it still can be cool too. Spend the day with someone who really is, and I dislike the term psychic due to being so vague, and you'll feel your world view get flipped around. Distance no longer matters, you see connections you wouldn't think possible, and you start to feel really small in such a vast universe.

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