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Psychic Or Precog? Both Or None?


My name is Michelle. My friend wanted me to make a few predictions on her, I don't remember why. Anyway, I gave her a reading about what was going to happen to her at school tomorrow. I said that she would get a pop quiz, and she would score about 75%-85%. After she came back from school she came running to me and she said she DID have a quiz, and she got 80% on it. I was amazed and so was she. My second experience came when my friend gave me some random book, but she didn't let me look at the cover or anything. So I just held it in my hands for a few moments and concentrated. I heard the ocean, muddy boots walking, and seagulls. Five minutes later I gave it back to her and looked at the cover. The cover read, 'Life on the Beach.' She told me it wasn't a book, but a cover she drew with a bunch of pictures on the back. We were both freaking out.

Precog Experiences:

Whenever I sleep, I always have these visions, if you will call it, and they seem to come true a few days later. Deja vu maybe? Maybe not. One time I had a dream that the boy I liked will get a girlfriend in 4 days. 4 or 3 days later, he did. Was I heartbroken! I also had another dream where my best friend would get 100% on a test. Few days later, she came running to me saying she got 100% on a test!

Oh, oh! Here's another psychic experience. My great grandfather is 99, and I suddenly got a thought in my mind that he would pass away in a few days. He did. I was so sad. I was crying. I was calling myself a monster. I wish he was still here. Please help.

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Frankj (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-17)
Hey Michelle, I don't believe I have these powers but there have been sometimes where I picture things and it happens. Not soon but like way after and I remember I thought it. Is this a lucky guess? I don't believe I have those special gifts but it has been a bit weird when I picture deaths in my family...: (I hate thinking of it but it happened twice. Now I'm in a rutt going from psychic to psychic about my ex who won't leave me alone but I still want to be with her. Yet I can't think it or anything I just feel like I am linked to her. What do you think
Lyro (468 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-13)
Ok... It's very possible, but you still need to remember that just because we live in a world where we can understand and manipulate "magical" or supernatural things doesn't mean that it's always the answer. You must remember to think logically too. Though it's possible when reading through this, pretty well everything can just be coincidence. You're in school, many teachers give out at least one quiz every week. And statistically, most kids who pay attention, but don't study, make within the range of 75-85 percent. And again, you're in High school, just take a day to listen at lunch, you will hear so many stories of dating, breaking up, and true love each day. I've seen it so many times. And I'm more leaning towards the possible on your grandfather. There are many ways to predict that, empathy to feel him getting weaker is just one of many. And especially if you really loved him, you would have a stronger connection, and feel it easier. And quite possibly all of these could have been psychic experiences, or maybe none of them. My advice would be to read up more about things, and later at night find a quiet and dark room and try to meditate. If you are psychic, meditating will help you focus and develop more.
kraken (guest)
13 years ago (2011-10-12)
Gain control over your mind through meditation, this a brillent gift that must be respected, you can do it. If all else fails you at least know there's a god. I 've had this happen before if you need help get back to me.

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