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Happy Birthday To You


I was talking with a friend last night and we were talking about our abilities. I've never really embraced mine or done much with them. I have dreams that come true and used to talk to a little girl in my bedroom my mom said. I always heard children chattering in my bedroom in an old farm house we rented. I also had an experience once with a ghost in the middle of the night. I found out a few months later that our home was built on top of what is the remains of another home that burnt to the ground. 7 boys were killed in the fire. I was 13 at the time and my friends on the school bus would always talk about how haunted the house was and how cupboards would fly open and everything inside would come flying out and all over the kitchen.

The land lady was this very old woman who was born in the house and would come over often. She would just sit on our front porch in her rocking chair and think of the old times, I'm sure. I was talking about her last night and how I couldn't seem to find anything about her on the internet. Nothing about who she was, who her family was, anything! I said I wonder if she's still alive, she was very old when we lived there 5 years ago.

I came inside to Google her and it turns out she died 19 days prior and it was her birthday yesterday! I got goosebumps right away! For some reason she was coming very strongly to me while talking to my friend and then I find out that she had just died and it was what would have been her 91st birthday!

That's one of the first times that I've really felt like my "power" isn't just some random stuff in my head. I haven't ever researched this or what to do with or about it before. It's just been there and I let it be. I have dreams that come true quite often and say the same things as people all the time. I'll pick up my cell phone to look at it, sit it back down, and get a text message or phone call. When I was younger I remember I would be thinking of a certain episode of a TV show and then it would be on, or a song on the radio that would come on next. I haven't ever done anything with it, though.

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