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Psychic Phenomena Or Not?


What happens is so common that it is a running joke in my family. Others around me seem to hear and then repeat what I'm thinking. It's as simple as that I guess. But from my point of view it's unnerving and kind of intrusive. We've tested it and excluded coincidence. The things others say are out of context and sometimes just strange, even they don't know why they have said it. This happens more often than not with close family, sometimes with strangers like today. Gets eerie at times. But I don't think that's all. When I was a child my parents say I used to run to the phone before it rang announcing who was calling, although it was limited to knowledge of close relatives in particular my Nan. My Dad taught me to astral travel when I was 7yrs old, I lost the ability somewhere around adolescence. I have always been able to lucid dream, I dream in colour, I can stop and start them at will. Dreaming for me is great fun, like going to the movies, but kind of tiring. I think this is an artifact of having temporal lobe epilepsy. I was under the impression the deja-vu I experienced was seizure activity. I have had this my whole life. I very often get confused about how long ago something happened. For example, a song comes on the radio and I will make comment about how long since I last heard it and it turns out it has only just been released. I am sure I heard it years ago and I have visual memories attached to hearing it. It's extremely confusing. I am generally confused by all this. I think I could use some of this to my advantage but I have no idea how. I would appreciate any ideas.

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