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My mother lived in Plymouth alone and I live in Bedford and they are at least a six hour drive from each other, so popping in was never an option. A couple of years ago she was doing poorly and although my sister lives only 20 minutes from her, I still worried.

One night I dreamt I was in her bedroom in Plymouth, I can remember the room being unusually bright, not daylight bright, or electric light bright, just intensely bright. I saw my mum in bed and the white cover she had on the bed was falling off so I leant down to put it back on her and my hands went straight through. I woke up with a thump and sat straight up in bed feeling quite shocked. I phoned my mum the next day and asked her if she has a white cover she puts on top of her duvet and she said she didn't, so I put it down to a bizarre dream. She phoned me a day later and said she has, it's a thermal blanket she puts on when she's cold and yes she had it on that night.

I know it was an OBE for sure and I believe worrying about her caused it.

My mother during her life had multiple OBE's, as the years went by she could do it at will. When my sister and I were little she used to tell us, rather than walking all the way up stairs she would OBE to check on us.

On another occasion, she had been doing poorly and was in bed dropping off to sleep when she was suddenly downstairs in the sitting room with us all, she recalls not knowing how she got there, she truly believed she had physically walked down the stairs when suddenly she arrived back in her body in the bedroom upstairs. She could

Clearly tell us exactly what we were doing, what we were all watching on television, even the position our dog was lying in!

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IslVoter (257 posts)
8 years ago (2012-07-29)
[at] Astralbeast--

It's important to raise your vibrational level before you begin OBE work. But even then, you will usually be coming into "astral" levels, which are closest to earth vibration. Therefore, there can be all kinds of energies there.

Also, perhaps your vision was just in shadows because your energy levels were low.

If you want to project, I would recommend a book by William Buhlman called Adventures Out of the Body. He spells out the common problems (people being scared out of OBE by vibrations, hynagogic sounds, looking at physical body, etc.) And he spells out what, to me, were invaluable tools.

He messed around trying to have projections and sometimes having murky or dark vision, not being able to get out of body, etc. But he finally realized you just ASK for what you want. He would say, for instance, "Clarity now!" or "Vision now!" or "Energy now!" He stressed the now part, saying the request had to be firm. In my own mind, it works because you have faith that you will be given what you need.

After "waking" in the dark and asking for Vision now! And Clarity now! Then I was able to see. But I could put my right hand through the bedroom door, but couldn't get the left out. I asked "Energy now!" several times. Each time, my vision because clearer, more high def. Until at some point when I thought of my "target spot" (a place 6-10 feet away from where your physical body is, a virtual place that you have created by visualizing each detail of a room or place you know well) I just appeared there. There was no physical movement needed.

I interpreted this as being that I had increased energy enough to just be where I wanted to, by virtue of thought. It is a thought-created reality, so any random negative thoughts that cross your mind will become reality.

Your shadow man could have been that as well. Or, you may have seen an entity there, but projected the "evil" intent yourself. For all you know, this person could have been a guide there to help you (although they probably wouldn't need to walk!).

And, again, when you raise your energy level, you are like a beacon to those in astral, so they can show up to see what is going on.

You need to have an understanding of all these things so that, when you encounter entities, you are calm. If they are entities not created by your fears, you also need to know you can never be harmed, and that your own protective energies will help move them away. You can surround yourself with a white light bubble, you can send love or energy to them. You can just move away to somewhere else. There are many strategies.

And of course, like learning to walk, it's a process and everyone gets tripped up at first. Although we project every night, we don't usually drag our physical consciousness along with us. And we drag along lots of preconceived notions, fears, etc.

I haven't been able to project again, but if I manage, I want to ask "Remove preconceived notions now!" and "Serenity now!" --to remove fear and societal or personal preconceived notions of how things will be. I'm not sure it will or can be totally effective, but it's worth a try.

You're doing great to have gotten there. Arm yourself with knowledge and you'll be fine. And the rewards can be awesome, life-changing.

Isle - Lora
astralbeast (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-07-29)
Im flipping out right now I tried to have an obe since I've never done it I didn't really know what to expect so I was in the middle of a strong vibration and it abruptly ended and I looked around the room my eyes ewere super foggy and I say a black hooded man run across the room so now I'm scared shiatless can someone help me

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