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Vanilla Birthday Cake


I'm just going to verify that my house is very, very old. Built in 1912. There has been death (s?) here; one old lady passed of old age -in my current bedroom!. So if it helps, I'll put that out there for later*

I think I have an interesting new gift.

Now, I know I'm a slight medium and possibly clairvoyant, as well as extremely empathetic. But is there a term for smelling? Sounds funny, I know. Before I start, I want to say that this isn't anything medical, I'm 110% sure. Lately I've been catching different scents that are unexplainable. Two in particular, actually.

Anyway, it started when I came home from a friend's house. I was walking into my house and all of the sudden, a pungent, icky scent was the only thing I could smell. It followed me around, like something rotting. It reminded me of rotting foliage, or something similar (sorry for the gruesome description there). I walked down the hallway and stood by my bedroom door, stopping to smell and wonder if the garbage in the kitchen- which was the next room over- needed to be emptied, or if I needed to turn on the dishwasher. After checking it out, there really was nothing causing the gross smell, though. I even sniffed my clothes *Lol*, because I'd just been swimming at that friend's, but it wasn't me (I smelled like chlorine!). Soon, the scent faded. I'd even asked my mother if she smelled it, and she told me no. So did my sister. Needless to say, I was confused but I let it go until tonight, after I kept catching the smell of something else entirely: Vanilla cake. This one, I have no logical, easy explanation for.

Yes, I've been catching a whiff of baking vanilla cake. It smells delicious; it's as if someone had put a vanilla cake into the oven and baked it for a while, until the whole kitchen smelled of it. It reminds me of a birthday cake baking in the oven. It was kind of comforting until I realized that no one has baked anything since Easter, and we don't have anything in the house that could cause the smell. I catch it in the kitchen occasionally, but sometimes it drifts into the mudroom (which is connected to the kitchen area). Again, just like the less pleasant scent, it seems to kind of follow me. I can smell the cake until I walk away from the kitchen, or go outside. By the time I get back, it's gone.

The thing that freaks me out the most about the vanilla cake scent is that a few years ago, on someone's birthday, my mom, my sister, and I ALL smelled the same exact scent, where I've been catching it now. (I can't remember whose birthday it was, but I remember my mom being extremely surprised by the unexplainable birthday cake scent, only because it was someone's birthday. The person is deceased, but that's all I can remember.) My mom and sis haven't smelled it since, but I think that scent of baking vanilla cake has returned *cue spooky music*

Well, I've just laid out another adventure I've experienced. Lol. Does anyone know if what I'm experiencing an actual ability? I think so, but I'm not sure. And if so, does it sound like I could possess some sort of the ability? All comments are welcome, even if you just want to call me a lunatic. (I say this all the time, sorry, I feel crazy.)

- sorry for the poor grammar and possible spelling mistakes. It's one am and I had to get this out >.<

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Avon1 (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-25)
I have recently started studying a course with the Open University. My uncle who has passed away now made himself a hugely successful career out of his OU degree even though he had MS and was in a wheelchair. I know my grandad was extremely proud of him. One day I went on the OU website and I suddenly got a very strong smell of cigarettes out of no where. My grandad used to smoke the roll up type cigarettes. It is important to me to get a good result for my degree and I finished my full time work for part time recently to concentrate more on it, and I took my grandads presence as encouraging. I only have a few Gcses but I got distinction for the first module, and I believe I could gain a high overall result.
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-25)

I agree with Adele--scent is a way that spirit communicates to us.

The "rotting" smell I couldn't help but associate with the woman who died in the house. It's not unusual for people who are ill or elderly to be incontinent or even to have infection that is pretty nasty smelling.

But, I would think spirit would present a smell that would trigger something for you. Maybe this did--it might have been an association to sickness.

The cake smell: So, you did smell it before, on someone's birthday, but you can't remember who? And that person has died? I'm not clear about this but it is pretty clearly associated with them, so you just have to remember who it was.

Sometimes, the aim of the spirit might be just to gain your attention. And sometimes the scent might be the only sense through which they can reach you.

I've had an experience of smelling sandalwood after having this feeling of well being and happiness (unexpectedly) when I went to bed. I don't consciously know whom to associate sandalwood with--but somehow I feel it is a past life association. I just began to call that entity Sandalwood!

I always feel like more will be revealed--in their time, not ours though! 😊

Isle - Lora
AdelexXx (5 stories) (15 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-25)
Spirits make their presences known by different methods. Normally, if it's a spirit you know, someone that has passed on, then they will use a scent that you can relate to.
Such as my Granddad, when he passed away, a few weeks after we would smell these specific mints he always had, at the bottom of the stairs, or in the entrance way to the house. My mums mum also, when visiting, smells of cigarettes.
Have you got anyone that has passed on that used to bake a lot? Or maybe liked vanilla cake? If not, maybe a spirit in your house just wants you to know they're there (must be a kind spirit as it's a pleasant smell).
I wouldn't say it's an ability. But, what I would say is that to smell things, you have to be more open to the concept of spirits. I think as only you have been smelling it lately, the spirit must be trying to contact you, or must have an interest in you. My suggestion would be to talk to the spirit next time you smell vanilla cake, ask who they are, what they want, that sort of thing.

Good Luck! And hope I helped. 😁

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