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Crazy Stuff Has Been Happening To Me And My Friend


My best friend and I have had some pretty weird experiences and we're not quite sure what's going on. Things had been happening to us as individuals before we became close. Like when I was about 8 I started to cry in class and told my classmate not to let his mom go to work and the next day his mom died in a car crash on her way home from work. And more recently I was the only person in the house and I felt really cold then the stove, all four sections turned on. There was other little things but I remember these the most. But things have gotten crazy ever since we've become friends. We were having a sleep over one time and we were thrown about three feet off the bed in opposite directions and we both had a dream with the same man in it, a guy with dark hair and green eyes. We've both been having dreams about the same man since but in different time periods and each dream he kills my friend. Last week me and my friend tried this remember your past lives thing and in her vision or whatever the man with dark hair and green eyes strangled her and when she got out of it there were hand marks on her neck. Then I tried it there was a fire in a locked room and I was just sitting on the floor burning to death, I could actually feel the smoke in my lungs and in real life I was choking and coughing and just before my friend pulled me out of it I felt someone pushing me trying to get me to stand, he looked a lot like the other man but slightly younger (I thought maybe the brother). But after my friend pulled me out of the trance I decided to try again, this time I was in a hospital, he'd gotten me out of the fire but I was really badly burned. He was there which made my happy but I wanted to die. (this is where things get unrealistic) then he basically sucked the soul out of my body and I died. Oh and I work in the hospital and keep seeing people on the monitors that aren't there in real life, and a guy on the monitor opened a door that opened in real life but there was no person. Yeah so this stuff is kind of weird and as a general rule I try to blow stuff like this off but it's gotten kind of crazy so if you have any idea what's happening to my friend and I I'd really appreciate some help.

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Co-Creator (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-05)
During this time, avoid narcotics and alcohol... I'm not implying anything from this, please let me continue. You need to go though a 2-3 day cleansing period only taking goodness into your body and embracing it as a cleansing method for your mind, body and soul. Negative influences effect us when we are low, anxious or living life a bit too indulgent. All you need to do us put yourself in a position of power and realizing that NOTHING can hurt you and that you are in charge. Drink lots of water and envisage it cleansing you in all 3 of the aforementioned states; mind, body & soul. Don't even have a cigarette, only good things for a minimum of 2 days / 48 hrs. This reinstates your position of control and regains your protective circle. Once you become stronger again, this WILL end.

If you are into meditation, try meditating on the breath, focus on every inhale and exhale while imagining good flowing into you and bad passing out, this is a very old Buddhist cleansing technique.

It would appear that you have inadvertently attracted done negativity, not a problem, you are in control here...! I can't begin to tell you about the amount if pesky demons that I have had to eradicate and send on their way... Hehehe

The main thing is not to empower them with fear. Just will them on their way to their chosen place of rest, all done with peace & love in your heart. X

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