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Imaginary Friends? Confused


I'm new to this psychic idea and have been paying more attention to my instincts. Lately I've been feeling these strange presences around me, as well as trying to recall past experiences.

I recalled a time when I saw younger and used to ride the school bus. I sat alone most of the time in 3-4-5 grade, and I was frequently moody and miserable (mornings are still not my thing). I would rest my head on the window, stare outside, and 'talk' in my mind to a person who wasn't there. Now, I'm sure this sounds crazy, and maybe I was just a lonely little girl with a very wild imagination, but it was very strange because I was able to TOTALLY tune out everything -talking, sounds, ect- and focus on having conversations with presumably no one. This 'person', or my dead grandfather as I liked to think, seemed to reply in my mind as well. (Gosh, sorry this sounds so insane!)

I also vividly remember sitting father in the front of the bus one day and watching out of the windshield. Suddenly, I saw a motorcyclist veer out in front of the bus very quickly. I watched it swerve around the front and go across someone's lawn, and then disappear. I was shocked, because I thought this person had gotten into an accident. I continued to watch as my bus kept driving, to see if the motorcyclist had pulled into a driveway and I didn't see it. There was no motorcycle in sight anywhere.

What triggered this post was the sudden feeling of a male presence about 10 minutes ago. Shaggy, messy hair, either a reddish color or black (hard to tell). It was kind of like a vision I'd seen in my mind's eye, not JUST the feeling of a person. He was tall, lanky, and thin. He didn't seem threatening, but kind of curious standing behind me. It kind of freaked me out and made me think I was just imagining things, until I realized that I'd just seen and felt a person that wasn't actually there.

Any thoughts?

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Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
Hey maddie. I have been doing the same thing but the difference is I have never been alone. Although I was alone for sometime but most of the time hanging out with guys at school. When I was 5 I heard someone calling my name in my sleep. I woke up and ask who it was, he said that he is an old friend of mine. So we began talking since then. At some time I too thought of him as an imaginary friend but he taught me so much that even my parents didn't teach me that much. I call him my guardian angel. Even now I talk to him but I don't tell others about it because it may sound silly. Some people do prefer fantasy over reality because its hard for them. For me both are balanced. I mostly use imagination during meditation that helps a lot indeed. Well there is a possibility that the guy you just saw was your spirit guide. Well in any case don't get depressed if anyone says something against you on this regard. Just never stop believing and stay strong for your beliefs. Its not that I am telling you to stay in the fantasy world but you have to live in the reality which are probably doing. Hope this helps you. In case you want more help from then why don't you mail me. I would gladly help you. Take care and bye.
Maddie_111 (4 stories) (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
I probably was a bit on the cooky side! I've never done anything like it before or after those few years talking one the bus, though. *Whew* Maybe I was just a little strange then. Anyway, I DO think I need to try to differentiate between imagination and what I'm really feeling. It's starting to freak me out... And it makes me feel like I belong in a cushioned room tucked inside a straight jacket! 😠 Thanks for the input, and sorry for sounding like such a lunatic! 😳
judorky (4 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-22)
Logically, it could be a sense of schizophrenia. That would be the deduction if you go to a shrink or something. Then again, it could be that you are beginning to be too sensitive with what's around you and is actually starting to mess with your reality. Personally, I had thought before that my imagination was playing parlor tricks with me. I started to see and hear people that didn't really exist and knew they weren't there but then again, they seemed too solid to not be there. I had to practice and learn how to tune out my imagination from what was actually there. Til now, I still have that problem but i'm learning how to separate the two. It's just a matter of understanding what is going on and not.

About the motorcyclist, it could be that you are time-sensing, seeing into the past, immediate present or possible future, in that certain area. You can do research if indeed there has been a motorcyle accident there.

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