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Screaming Lady With Claws


I live in a very old area 200 year old street. One night me and my friend were in my room he was asleep at the foot of my bed and I was awake on my bed texting someone. And as I was half way done with a message and I saw this dim white mass standing in the dark in my hall way outside my room. I thought it was my friend screwing with my so I call his name and get no answer. All of a sudden this thing picks its head up I couldn't see a face but I saw long black hair. And it runs at me screaming with these 4 claws out on each hand. As it reaches my bed it jumps at me and that's when I woke up but after waking up it didn't feel like I was dreaming it was as vivid as day. Now here's the scary part: when I checked my phone I was in the same spot I left off and it doesn't stop there my friend that was over told me the same exact thing happened to him. I was watching this show called psychic kids and this girl on the show named Tammy and she said how she was visited by a "demon lady" and she drew a picture of it, it was the same exact thing I saw. I keep thinking the things name is Nacy it pops into my head. I have woken up with a bite mark on my leg twice. For some reason this thing doesn't frighten me. I feel it wants to hurt me but it doesn't frighten me, still, I saw my closet door swing open and shut over and over and a voice in my head going "I'm going to f***ing rip your guts out" I say back and I'm not joking "no you won't you don't scare me but you're awfully annoying" I know this sounds kind of sketchy but I really don't know who else to turn to. And I'd really like to contact this girl Tammy and ask her what she knows.

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