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Residual Dreams, Nightmares, Lady In White


This is my first story here, but I have been reading this site since three years ago. I hope that I can get help with these questions I've always had in my head until now.

Time flies so fast, but then again, I realized some experiences are never forgotten, and they will keep haunting you from time to time, especially when you get to experience something similar to it again, or hear a story from someone you know.

I was in my grade school when I first dreamed about this guy, he was wearing a blue jeans, and a white shirt. In my dream I was walking in the middle of the street, I was about to get hit by a vehicle, but there came this guy, snatching me as fast as he can to keep me safe on the side.

The second time I dreamt about the same guy, I was in high school already. In the dream, he saved me again from being harassed by the other passengers I was in on a public vehicle. This time I knew how he looked like clearly, he was wearing the same color, blue and white top, only this time I am not certain if he was wearing a jeans. Sadly though, when I woke up, I only remember the dream but not how he looked like.

The third time, and the last one so far, was when I was in first year of my university. This dream, I could hardly remember. All I know is it was the same guy again, I could not recall if he was saving me in that dream or he just showed up...

I've always wondered about that dream, so every time people I know and talk with sometimes talks about their dreams, I am always reminded of that. I've always wanted answers... Maybe someone here can help me, or I'd forever wonder.


I also had dreams before about three ugly demons chasing me, We just kept running and running, and it was one of those long dreams that I kept dreaming for several days, like I suddenly wake up and it continues when I fall asleep. They felt so real, and since I know that I could actually have lucid dreams when I'm between awake and asleep state, I managed to control that dream when I had it again. So I know that somehow I can probably control my dreams, and I would love to enhance that ability again if possible. Do you guys know any ways?


Another story I need help with is, recently a friend's been having nightmares for several months now. In his dreams, a woman (he describes her like those typical appearance of ladies in white that we know of) is trying to strangle him and sometimes chokes him. He would even wake up in physical pain sometimes, and mostly after those nightmares, he wakes up and cannot move. Recently, it has gotten worst, the last one he had, he said he was being choked by these vines in his dreams, and when he woke up, he saw that girl (which he only sees in his nightmares) on top of him looking at him face to face while her hands are wrapped around his neck... What could this be? He said he really saw her this time.

Please help.

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Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-17)
There is a phenomenon of sleep paralysis sometimes caused by a medical condition and is reccuring. My wife and daughter both suffer from it and is found to be genetic. Both my wife and daughter have chiari malformation and one side effect is pressure at the base of the skull where your spinal cord leads into your brain. They awake from sleeping only half way and their body does not respond as it normally should and in turn can send them into a panic. My daughter was terrified the first time it happened to her she described it as someone holding her sheets down. Then her imagination kicked in to make sense of it. After talking to her mom about it she could better cope but still gets frightened. It could be a medical condition that has not been diagnosed. Now as far as a woman or creature in White. It is also known as the White Witch but can also come in the form of an old gaunt looking man or a little girl. Sometimes it comes with minions that are thin and tall, I mean tall 7 or 8 feet with no facial features only sunken areas where their eyes and mouth should be. Their limbs are very thin and long. Some people that believe in aliens think that these creatures tried to take them or abduct them. I believe the woman or thing is a demon trying to get a hold on him. He needs to ask for Gods protection every night before going to sleep. I did battle with this entity 2 nights in a row. The first night I woke up from a bad dream and it was pulling at me in bed. I thought my brother was trying to play a joke on me. By the time I wrenched my self free and threw off the covers I caught the entity fading into the darkness of my room. I got up and checked my brother and he was fast asleep and so was everyone else accept my cat who was staring into my closet and would not leave it. I said a prayer and went back to bed and was left alone the rest of the night. The next night I was exhausted and went to bed earlier than normal. I fell into bed without even saying my prayers and was out cold. That night around 11 or midnight I woke up in a sweat to find my cat on my bed growling and hissing at something in my room. All of a sudden I felt ice cold clawed hands pull me and pick me up out of my bed. In the background in the dark I saw the White demon in a long flowing gown and long thin hair clear down to it's waist. On both sides of me were the minions and their heads nearly touched the ceiling of my room. They were trying to drag me toward the entity. They were not as strong as they should have been and I was stronger. I wrestled with them for what seemed like an eternity. I could not speak or scream accept for in my own mind. The thing kept telling me that it was going to have whatever it wanted from me and would take me. I finally was tossed into my closet by all three. At that moment I could finally speak and told it I would fight it with every breath in my body. I grabbed hold of the minion close to me and cried out to God to help me destroy this thing. At that second it was like my hands got as hot as fire and glowed red and the thing opened it's mouth and shrieked but skin still covered it's mouth opening. It let go of me and fell backward and disappeared. I lept towards the other thing and it vanished into the dark. I turned toward the White Witch and said in the name of God. But before I could finish my sentence it was gone. I fell to the floor exhausted and could just barely see the morning light of dawn starting to come. In about a minute later my mom came running upstairs trying to figure out what the noise was. She thought I had fallen out of bed and broken a lamp. I don't know why she did not wake up sooner. She found me with bruises on my body and wrists and could not explain them. I tell you now it was not a dream and was physically there and left behind evidence of what happened. Since that night it never came back and bothered me again but did show itself to my sister and Aunt. It came to them in the form of a little girl that wanted to play. I warned my sister about it and cleansed her and my aunts rooms when they were not around and it left. If it is the same entity it is a Demon and will attack first when the person is half asleep in their dream and will get worse as time goes on unless God is brought into the equation.
xXAloysiusXx (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-17)
That white-blue guy (heh, that'll just be how I refer to him) could be a lot of things. I think the most likely would be... Maybe a lost soul that's stuck around you for an unknown reason. It's possible the two of you could have had a past life connection, or he just simply likes your energy and thinks you'd be able to help him the most. I suggest that the next time you dream of him to interact with him and ask, ask as much as you can while you're lucid (lucidity is slippery for me).

As for the demons, those are nightmare demons. If you've acknowledged your guardian angel, I suggest you ask him/her to take care of that. Otherwise, just cleanse yourself. Imagine a white ball of divine energy slowly going through your entire body, erasing all the negativity before you sleep. It doesn't have to be exactly like this as long as you understand the idea. You can do this as often as you like, sometimes I like doing it in the shower because it feels really nice to have both your physical and spiritual body clean at the same time, lol...

That woman sounds like a dark soul (if she's taken on some monster-ish features, maybe a demon). I want to say be proactive and try fighting back, but it could result in your friend getting seriously injured. Try having him cleanse before sleeping as well as getting into the habit of making a shield that will last him the entire night. You can make a shield for yourself as well if you feel the nightmare demons are becoming more dangerous.

Any more questions, don't be afraid to e-mail me. You can comment back but I don't visit this site nearly as much as I used to so I recommend e-mailing me (you can find that on my profile). God bless and I hope things get resolved for you and your friend ^ ^
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-14)
No problem I hate sleep paralysis because sometimes I get hot. And sleep paralysis is a way to get with astral projection I read.
chasingdreams (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-14)
Thank you for sharing darkassassin92. In addition to my friend's situation, he was also a little sensitive with the paranormal beings when he was younger but not anymore as he grew older.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-13)
I had a nightmare today I saw the time it was 8:11 am then layed back down. All of a sudden I was paralyzed and this creature had peppermint colors. I think he said I was trying to get you to sleep or something or he said I was touching you can not remember. After I checked the time it said 8:21 am. It was the blanket that I thought was the creature.

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