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A Strange Birthday Night


My name's Jamie. One of my friend's sleep-overs got very weird and I would just like to see if one of you could guide me in a good direction.

It all started on the night of my friend's birthday, his name being Mitchell. So we had just been to adventure island, blah blah blah, went to his house to sleep and settled down.

Later on in the night Mitchell woke me up for what I saw no apparent reason for. He just showed me the clock. I said to him 'What about it?' he pointed to the time. The time said 1:11, again I said 'What about it?' He said that he'd woke up the same time the other day. I thought nothing other than it was just a coincidence. So then me, Mitch and my other friend who was sleeping over as well, called Tom, started to just chat until we were tired enough to fall asleep.

We talked about the 1:11 time, Tom suggested Mitch was a light worker, By light worker I thought he mean like a kind of builder, later after research I would think otherwise. So we just chatted for about 10 minutes. It was the worst mistake we could have made.

After about 2 minutes of chatting and laughing we heard a very loud noise. More like a cat with a megaphone. A short meow but unlike a cat and very high pitched. We froze for a couple of seconds before saying 'What the hell was that' and 'Did you hear that' etc... Anyway, Mitchell suggested it was a Toy. I said why would a toy be out there, gone midnight and makes a very unusual noise? So I looked out the window overlooking the front drive to find nothing was there. I turned back to Mitch and said 'Yeah, if a toy was out there Octimus prime would be out there accusing you of piracy'. Then we heard the exact same noise, but we heard it in out left ears, not our right ones. It was coming from the back garden. Mitch's dog called Poppy began to scratch and park at the patio door (We could hear her). As Mitch's parents weren't in we thought we might as well try to see what she was after. We all went downstairs. But Poppy was no where to be seen. We tried calling her, but she was no where. The patio was even locked which made things stranger. But we soon heard a familiar whine. But the strangest thing was, it was coming upstairs.

Most of you probably are like (upstairs? Oh no what's the big deal?) Well the upstairs to Poppy is utterly RESRICTED. There is a gate at the bottom of the stairs to stop her, even when it's open, Poppy doesn't like to come upstairs. But we found her, upstairs in the landing. We were really confused now. And the strangest thing was, she was scared of going downstairs, which was really odd. So we eventually persuaded her to come back downstairs. Every time we left to try to go to bed, she kept barking in distress. So we decided to sleep with her, in the living room. Once we all settled in poppy was lying across my stomach, and every ten or so seconds, kept looking at the patio. I told my friends this and we decided that we'd pretend cats were out there. So we went outside yelling 'Cats! Cats!' and waving our arms. We did this for 20 seconds before hearing the high pitched noise we heard earlier. It was close, loud, deliberate. We only froze for 2 seconds before bundling inside the house with Poppy, locking the door and backing into the living room asking ourselves, 'WHAT IS THAT?'.

So by this time we were half curious, half scared of this strange noise. By the next noise it was about 2:17, Mitch decided to just run outside to try and catch it, we all followed laughing, and Poppy decided to join us. Nothing was out there, which was a big relief. Poppy as usual went towards the sprinkler, which was activated by a button beside it, so Poppy (being the smart dog she is) went towards the button to press it, but about a second before she got there, the sprinkler went on for about a millisecond. It was dark, but we heard the hiss of the water. It was odd, we went towards the button and started it up again, nothing was wrong. It worked perfectly. So we thought nothing of it and went into the house. I felt very paranoid now. So Mitch's dad came in (He does a night shift in the casino) and said 'Alright Guys?', we replied yeah we're alright and everything. His dad then pointed to Mitch and said 'You look like you've seen a ghost' before going upstairs towards his bedroom. Of course we were still frozen to the spot. So I suggested that we wait until it's light (5:00) to prevent us from being paranoid. So we cracked open a few Shandy's and had a bundle of laughs.

By the time it was light. We decided to go to sleep now, none of us felt tired but we did anyway. Though once we heard the noise again, we thought now that it was day, we could see it. So we sprinted towards the noise's location (The front drive) and opened the door. For about 3 seconds, we saw what seemed to me as a purple crystal, floating 30cm off the ground. Once it disappeared we went back inside to have a massive debate. I said it was definitely a crystal but Tom and Mitch seemed to think it was something else. (I can't remember at this point). So we peeked out the front door again and saw this purple thing (I'm sure it was a crystal) at the end of the road. So me and Mitch started to just sprint after it. But once we had got to another road it was gone. Mitch seemed to think it was in or under this car he was pointing too. I checked the car but nothing was seen.

After this we all went to sleep, and surprisingly it wasn't mentioned in the morning.

This is a lot of stuff that happened, but I need to know what these things were and why they were here. (Long story >.<")

Thanks a lot.


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kevinsonicwhat (2 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-29)
whoa... Its me again and the next day after I commented here was the worst... Someone stole my binder at school, and I called my mom after school after I couldn't find it. After I talked, the screen shows the amount of time I talked (always does) and it showed 1:11! 😨 then (I go to tae kwon do) after tae kwon do, called home, said I was going home, and again 1:11... Help please? UPDATE: today I found my binder. So yea 😕
kevinsonicwhat (2 stories) (50 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-26)
whoa... 1:11? Like every night I think I see either 10:10 and 11:11. O.0 its cool but scary... And one time I was watchin tv and I saw the time. 8:11 pm. I thought 'ok an 11' but what creeped me out was that I thought more and I did math. 8+3=11. What's 3? It reminded me about the Holy Trinity. 3 Persons in one God. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I told my parents and they don't believe (they are catholic). My aunt is psychic by like precognition and tarot cards so I thought I must be at least part psychic but I don't know... Little help? Also one time I was going home from school thinking about random numbers and I just thought about 991. I then made it 911 like the phone number. Then I remembered the twin towers. There were two towers (I was walkin up the stairs to my Apt. Building) and at the same time I thought it, TWO guys (one is friend) came out of TWO doors of the front entrance. 😨 also the next day I was thinking the number two and one. Then same thing as the day before (this time different), TWO people (man and woman) came out of ONE of the doors. I'm confused about this. 😕
Casey (3 stories) (33 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-07)
Hi Jamie,

Well...about the only thing I can tell you for sure is about the number 11, which you've already investigated yourself. The purple crystal you saw might have been a type of orb which is a spirit's energy. It would along with the "crystal"s character. Look up orbs on google and see what you get.

Good Luck,


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