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Thousands of people sign on here every day with the same question in mind, "Am I Psychic?" I've been reading stories about different types of psychic abilities throughout the psychic experiences section, and I have yet to find a single story I can say matches my own. I know there's something "odd" about me, I just don't know what it means. So here's the events added up over a lifetime, shortened for your sanity as much as possible, to help you understand what has brought me here. Please stick with me, I know it's long.

For starters, some things I've noticed over the years.

1) I know how people feel about me, especially when it's a negative feeling. I also know why, even if it's not logical.

2) I can decide moments after meeting someone whether or not we will ever be close.

3) I've been told I am intimidating, and people often sense when they are near me that I see so much more into them than anyone else.

4) I had a dream of a boy named Robert who I haven't spoken with in years. He called the next day.

5) Either my bed shakes in my sleep or my body vibrates. I can never figure out which one it is.

6) I lose my balance when I lay down and close my eyes for about 30 seconds. My body feels like it's floating (though I know it's not because I've been around others when this happened), and I jolt upright trying to catch myself.

7) On two occasions I felt as if my soul literally slammed into my body right before I woke up. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone... It didn't hurt. I became aware of my body again, of human limitations right before I woke up. However, I do not recall traveling anywhere nor having any dreams.

8) I talk in my sleep, and have tedious repetitive dreams about annoyingly simply things. Such as picking up a piece of paper that has fallen, or walking into my room. Never anything interesting, and I wake feeling exhausted.

9) I often think of an object (ex: scissors), and then end up needing it later on in the day.

10) I naturally think with images, sounds, and feelings. Not words.

11) I feel something watching me all the time.

12) I experience deja vu often, even though I recently moved to a new location (still happens) How could I do something twice when I've only been there once?

13) When presented with a choice, I can feel them in my mind to know which situation will bring the best outcome. Following my intuition if you will.

14) If my environment is not clean, I cannot think. I go on a cleaning rampage until the entire area is spotless and suddenly my thoughts can go freely again. Is this just OCD?

15) I space out in the middle of conversations. I come back down (from wherever it is I ran away to) and feel so surprised because I don't have a clue as to what the individual is talking about.

16) This one is really odd. I am amazing at guessing time. I can tell you down to the minute what time it is, without having a clock.

17) This one is really odd too. Sounds jolt through me. No, they do not surprise me, and make me jump. They vibrate through me. I feel their vibrations through my body and it jars me for a moment. Usually just spontaneous normal sounds, like a stove cracking or the house settling. Ever heard of this?

18) For someone so perceptive of their "emotional and mental" surroundings, I am extremely clumsy. Maybe because I spend so much time in my head.

19) I suffer severe memory lapses. I am only 18. I forget entire years, and the people I met in them. If I'm reminded then I can remember, but on my own, they're history I don't recall anymore.

20) I can usually tell a stranger more about them from a 5 minute conversation than they knew about themselves.

When I would walk through hallways at school, I could sense feelings everywhere, from loneliness, anger, depression to innocence, joy, & happiness. I can read insecurities like a book on a page. Occasionally feelings sort into specific facts such as: that teacher demands to be superior to her husband. I do not understand how I could be "judging" them. I don't care what they say or do. I could just look at them and this would come to me. I've researched empaths, and I believe to an extent I have this ability... But is there more?

Alright, another weird situation I've experienced. I am not deeply religious. Just keep that in mind while reading this part. While driving on the interstate with my sister about a year ago, something in my head immediately told me to pray to God for help. To beg and plead that he watch over us, and keep us safe from harm. This surprised me, but when your intuition talks, don't be stupid right? So I prayed -- two minutes later a car slammed on their brakes (about 30 ft. In front of me) going 80 mph in the passing lane. The car swerved into a diagonal position, taking up the left lane, and a truck with a trailer behind it were taking up the right lane. Logically, this should have caused all three of us to hit each other because my car would propel from one crash to the next one. It didn't. All three of us were somehow able to fit on the road, without anyone swerving off onto the edge, and drive away seconds later, unscratched. If any of you have seen a two lane interstate, there is not room for 3 cars to fit, especially with one sitting diagonally. How did this happen? And how did I know to pray?

Finally, we are reaching the end. This happened yesterday, and it has me worried. I woke up, rolled over to look at my girlfriend sitting next to me. I could still see everything just fine, but in front of it all, almost like it was forming in my actual eyes, I saw a white illuminated 3D grid forming. It had a blue tinge on the outer edges. I haven't the slightest idea as to what this could be. I blinked and it disappeared. It hasn't happened since. I do not wear contacts or glasses. I have never had eye problems. I'm college freshman. To give you a time factor, so it can't be blamed on old age!

If anyone has advice, information, or ideas as to what all this information might add up to, please, I beg you, let me know. Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and thank you for reading my story.

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lovelybirds (guest)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
Thank you so much for your information. It helps to calm my mind enormously. It feels so good to hear from just one person that I'm not alone in all that crazyness 😳
Avien (2 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
Wow lovely birds,

My name is Rebecca, I understand where you are coming from. No you are not crazy, no matter how much I will say this. This is normal. You have what I think to be Astral Traveling, precognition, and a few others.

1-3 people have told me that I am wierd and I am different all the time. That is a good thing (to me anyways, I take it as a compliment) I also can read body languages like you can, I als can tell who I become friends with like that. Most of the stuff that I have been experienceing has been happening to me, I am almost a college frshmen too.

5-8. I think you are astral traveling, I also get that 'jumping feeling' when you are just about to fall asleep you wake up fully, I don't know exactly what that is. I've had my body vibrate before, but I have only had that a few times, I think it might just be excess energy. I don't dream of doing everyday things like that, my dreams are a little more exciting, and they come true.

9-13 I also have had deja vu, and things like that. You can have that ability to know, what you will be doing with your life, like to think if you have deja vu, you are doing what you are meant to do, when and how it is to be done. I take it as indicators of being on the right path.

14-15 I also have had experiences where I don't like things to be messy, but that is normal stuff for any human being. We like things to be clean because we use our physical bodies and the peripheralities around us as an emotional/spiritual connection. Do you get what I am saying? We use our physical bodies as a indicator for what we want to feel emotionally/spiritually. I also zone out sometimes, but I can pick up where we left off.

The rest of the numbers:

I can also knwo what time it is fairly well, although not down to the minute, I know in the general time; what time we would be home, and my mom would think it would be earlier, yet we would always be held up by something, and we would get hime at whatever time I said earlier in the day.

I am also very clumsy!

Although the only years I have forgotten are normal for humans I think anyways, the younger years haha.

Well if you need any more help, email me.

Rschroyer09 [at]



4. I have that too, except it would be someone my mom knew we would meet, or just knowing someone would be coming to our house unnannounced,

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