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The Wedding Cake and Bride


This took place in October 1998. My sons were going to be in their dad's wedding. His second marriage to a lady he ran around with, while being married to me. I took our sons to the Church as were going to meet my two sisters Lanie and Toots, and then we go into the Church. When I arrived they were already at the Church. Toots and her hubby Rich were seated in the front seat to the right. Lanie and I went into the Church and my youngest son took Lanie to the front with my other sister was. For me he seated me in the last pew in the back.

I said "I am not going to stay here when, all my other family members are in the front". So I left and went home. Thinking I just change my clothes and go see if my friend Cheryl wanted to do something. When shortly after I got home my two sisters came and said, "if I was not wanted there then they weren't either".

My sister Lanie and I went to the hall. Lanie and I were the caters for that wedding reception. I said to Lanie on the way there "The cake is going to look ugly, but one bite and it be tossed into the trash, something is going to happen, to the bride as well". Lanie wonder why I said that. I told her, "I see it in my mind, the cake is got three layers with black and purple frosting and black roses on it".

We get to the reception hall set up the food. Someone else set the table up for the cake that had not yet arrived. Lanie and I have the food set up and the tables covered with white table clothes. Another lady was in the hall putting glasses on the tables and just setting the tables up. We didn't know who she was.

The cake arrived and Lanie looked at me with this expression on her face. The cake was indeed purple and black and indeed did have black roses on it. It looked more like something that you would use at, a funeral home for the dead.

Others arrive all looking at this cake and making their own comments, on how awful it looked. Lanie and I are just watching and listen to others talk and just laugh. Our other sister and her husband came in and Lanie has to tell her what I said on the ride to the hall.

The bride and groom came with my sons. Her dress was really quite pretty with a long train. The only thing is, it was meant more for someone with a ounce of brains, which this lady had none. She comes in yelling at someone about the cake.

Well the food was good lots of comments, and many people wanted recipes to some of it. But we told them that, we have to ask the person that we work for first. Then it was time to eat the cake. Everyone is waiting in line to get their piece of the cake. My sister Lanie and I we go up to the cake and get a slice. I am watching peoples faces as they take that first bite. People are spitting the cake into their napkin, and into the trash the rest of it goes. Tasted like someone put in lots of baking soda to me.

My sister Laine and I are back in the kitchen. I said "the layers are going to slowly fall off each other onto the floor". We watch and was like slow motion the top fell off onto the second layer, the second layer onto the last layer. Then the whole cake just kind of flipped off the table onto the floor. Jackie the wife of my ex comes over and screams, at anyone near the cake that they did this to her cake. Yet no one was even near it. I said to Lanie "the legs will fall down on the table". They just slid under the table like, and down went half the table.

Jackie comes by the table still screaming and not sure what she did, happen quick. But the next thing we know she is sitting on top of her cake. As she is being helped by her husband up, she is still screaming at people. She goes into the bathroom and comes out of the bathroom, without her dress on, and only her panty hose, bra and shoes on. She has cake all over her face, arms and hands.

She picks the cake up off the floor and throws it down like a baby would do. Lanie and I are laughing so hard that the make up we have on us is running down our faces. Then Lanie looks at me and said "I don't know how you did it with the cake, and the table but you made that all happen". I said how? You and I been right here, I did not touch the table or the cake. I didn't make the cake so how did I know, what it would look like or this would happen?

Lanie still said I did something. So it was time for us caters to leave the mess behind, we laughed all the way back to where we had to take the rest of the food. And I kept wondering if I actually did make the cake fall to the floor, and the table too. I could foresee the things that was going to happen at the hall, with the cake, the bride and all of it did happen. Just the way I seen it in my mind.

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