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Sister Lanie's House


My sister Lanie and her hubby bought a nice two story house. It had a very large basement in it. She called me up one day and asked if I like to come over for lunch. I said sure be there in a few hours. I live two hour drive from here. I got my children ready and the way we went to Lanie's new house.

It was in the country, lots of farmers around her. We finally found the place. It looked huge from the outside, and once inside we weren't disappointed it was large on the inside too. Soon as I went into the door, I felt the hair on my arms stand up. It was summer time and not cold out in the least. But I sure did feel cold. I asked my son to get my sweater out of the car. I put it on and yet, I still felt cold.

She showed us the upstairs first, nice big rooms. Then down in the foyer the doors that opened up with closet in them. Down a hallway we went to a down stairs or main floor half bath. The kitchen and so forth. We got to the living room I felt cold there too. As we passed a door that was closed, I asked her where that went to. She told me the basement. I put my hand on the knob, and felt like it was made of ice, like holding an ice cube in your hand. I took my hand off it fast, and I felt colder then.

We had lunch and my kids and her kids, went down to the basement to play. After Lanie and I got the dishes done, she said we would go to the basement, so she could show me around. I really told her that be okay, if we didn't go down. I made up that my legs hurt that day. That I rather not. But it was her new house she was proud of it. So I went down the steps.

Each step I took closer to the bottom of the steps, the colder that I felt. A wind passing through me, actually making my hair like blow in the wind. No one seem to notice that however. The basement was nice and big, but very cold in many spots.

We finally made it back upstairs, I told her how I felt in her basement she said, that was because it's the basement, all basements are cold. I told her "Where did the wind come from, that blew my hair around"? She looked at me with a strange look on her face. She didn't see that.

The kids and I had planned to go home early, so not to spend the night at her house. But it got dark and she asked us to stay the night. I hate to drive in the dark and told her sure I would. I got my kids to bed and asleep and Lanie and I talked a bit. I strayed away from the odd feeling in this house, didn't want to get spooked more then I already was.

During the night I had to get up to use the bathroom. I got up went down the hallway, which passed the steps to go down stairs. I had the feeling someone was watching me. I flipped on the hallway light but didn't see anything. Went into the bathroom and did a double take. There were two young people in the bathroom, like the ages of early 20's. I left in a fast hurry and went back to my bedroom and locked the door.

The next morning I said to my sister "I didn't know you had someone else stay the night too last night". She looked at me and said "What?" I said "I seen two young people in your bathroom last night". "It must have been one of the kids" she said. I said "No it was not the kids, these people were like in there early 20's". She just looked at me, said nothing else.

Later in the day I told her after lunch, the kids and I were going home. She needed something out of the basement. She asked if I would go down and get it for her. She told me what it was and where it was at in the basement. Now I didn't want to go in the basement. But I did, I didn't want her to know I was frighten of her house, let alone the basement. So I went down the steps, each one sucking breath out of me it felt like.

Got the stuff she wanted. Thought I heard something behind me, stood still hair up on my arms, my breathing rapid and I turned around to look. There was the two people, the same ones I seen in the bathroom the night before. I could see right through them. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. At first I couldn't move and when my legs would move, I think I flew up the steps. Out of breath by the time I got to the door, shut it and went to my sister.

I told her, her house was haunted, wether she like to hear it or not it was haunted. Then she told me this story.

A young couple in their early 20's were looking at this house to buy some years ago. They looked all through the house and was in the basement when, the furnace blew up and killed them both in that house, in the basement. She said she didn't believe in ghost so thought nothing of it. She never felt out of place in this home or the basement. When I told her of the young couple she said, she didn't know if I actually seen them or what. But when I told her the second time of this, she said she knew then. Yes her house is haunted.

Lanie has lived in that house for about 26 years now. She has never felt anything out of the ordinary. One of her sons has seen the young couple, but they don't bother anyone. My sons have in the past spent the night in the basement with my sister Lanie's kids. My oldest son said he seen "Shadows" on the walls when no one was up and walking around. He said he was frighten but still stayed there.

I go to my sisters house once in awhile. I never go down in the basement anymore, and told her I would not. I never go upstairs and use that toilet either, I use the half bath in the lower part or main floor of the house.

My other sister who has went to her house, said she feels cold spots in the house, but she has never seen anything in it. Lanie said to me "I didn't do anything to the young couple, to help with their death, so I suppose that is the reason they don't bother me".

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Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-11)
Thanks for all your replies. My heart doctor tells me I was born with a sensitive body.
I have to have deodorant, soaps, laundry stuff all scent free.
If I am some place and people have on strong perfume, I get sick and have to leave. I have fainted in a crowd, when I couldn't get out.
I pass by shops that have perfume in them too. I have unscented bath oils, skin lotion.
The only cleaning stuff I can use is Mr CLean, don't make me sick everything else makes me sick.
Yep Chemical smells are not for me.
Nice to know others like me, not nice that we have to be this way.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Ara - she's a gorgeous young woman, but has an allergy kit with her all the time. Her hubby is a dentist, but knows how to give shots. I'm with you about fragrance stores. I bypass them too. I like a little smell good stuff on me, but I can't take mass doses.
aramasamara (22 stories) (577 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
CRAP! Wheww I am glad I can't get killed by a bee sting, but I too am sensative to chemicals. But I think it's just my chemical makeup in general, I cannot go into fragrance stores anymore because I black out or get extremly dizzy and if I spot one I won't go within 2-3 stores over, I am telling you I don't know what they put in perfume, but it is NOT healthy ha-ha.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-10)
Flutter - I have a friend who is very sensitive to chemicals, of any kind. She has a restricted diet and a bee sting could kill her. I've been stung over 20 times at once. Swelled some. It's hard for me to understand her condition though I've seen it. Well, you are just sensitive in another way maybe. I have sensed "stuff" and can brush it off. I don't even care. You swell up and know more. So, I guess, you just need to be aware of it, like my friend with allergies, and learn to take care.

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