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The Oppressed House


When I was a child my family and I lived in a house that made me very uncomfortable. I felt as though I was going to get into trouble if I made a loud noise. My family, themselves, are loud people, and when they first came to visit (a sort of female day) I felt like it was wrong, like they shouldn't be there and making that noise. I was tense throughout their visit.

I'm still unsure as to what it was, but I'm certain something strange was going on there. It felt oppressed and I'm sure it was coming from the outside shed which was never checked. This was also the only place in which I've ever slept walked. It worries me as to where I would have gone if my mom hadn't woken up since I went into the kitchen and in the kitchen is a door leading to the outside. I have a feeling I might have gone to the shed. I also remember the episode.

There was one last thing that happened to me while there. I 'saw' an older man. But, somehow, it was as though I were seeing two pictures. One with the trees, the other with the man.

He had pale skin, wispy hair, angry dark eyes, a white button up shirt, and was wearing blue jean overalls. He was pacing and muttering about something. He looked angry. I was frozen where I stood, staring, trying to understand what the heck I was seeing. I wasn't sure on which 'picture' was real.

His face was odd as well. It didn't seem completely human like the expression was being stretched too far or like an animated person. He had that type of quality. My mom called for me to get me inside and that's when the man looked up. We met eyes and I could move again, so I ran inside. I never told my family what I thought I saw.

Several years later we drove by the house. It's now in disrepair, the plants are overgrowing there, and no one owns it anymore. Before we were even in view of the house alarm bells were ringing in my head and I had strange thoughts. 'Go away, you're not supposed to be here, no one is supposed to be here.' The feeling from when I was a kid felt stronger as well and even more suffocating.

My family didn't seem to feel this so I urged them to drive away. I think, and I might be wrong, that whoever or even whatever is there wants to be left alone. They didn't like noise very much either.

I would love to know what was actually going on.

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
Lovesick_Panda, that is a very scary experience and it's also a real experience! People always think that if you can't touch, smell or taste some-thing then, it must be unreal or fake. The truth is that we don't have such a liberty in life. Small thinking, small ideas are a thing of the past. Our only option is to go with the big picture which includes the unseen world.

Ghosts can and do sometimes send out "sense" messages - a feeling, vibe or something we "just know". It's a good thing because it can serve as a message or warning. You can also establish whether it is a good ghost or a naughty one by what it makes clear to you. So, it is definitely possible that there was a ghost, possibly of a cranky and possessive man who was used to living quietly and alone who did not understand what you were doing on his plot. If he chose to communicate this with you, he could have been confused and not realised that it was no longer his house. I say "could have" because there are many reasons why ghosts choose to communicate the way they do.

If you are ever in a new place, give it a good scrub down and clean every item in your room. While you do, think positive and happy thoughts and place the items in a way that reminds you that this is how your life should be. This way, your message will also be clear, when he checks in and finds a newly decorated and beautiful room, he will have to think about why things have changed. Maybe, even realise that it is your room and house now and things are going to change and transform for the better.

Best wishes!

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