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Seeing And Hearing?


I'm back and confused as ever.

I've been seeing things in my mind, but they're so quick, and it's hard to see them clearly. They're there one second, the next gone. All I'm left with is a vague impression on what it was.

An old woman with crystal clear blue eyes crying. An odd looking yellow eye. A young girl in a dress with her back towards me, watching the sun set. We were on a hill in that mental image. I felt like I was male for some reason as well. The latest was quite shocking to me.

I was laying down, almost asleep with my mind carefully blank when I saw a white door. It was cracked open but I didn't have much time to wonder about it because it slammed shut. The oddest thing is that I also heard it.

It surprised me so much that I sat up and looked around. It sounded close, even though I knew it couldn't have been.

I've become accustomed to seeing those images, but never, and I mean never, had they also had sound. It wasn't even a soft bang, it was pretty loud.

When I force my mind to be blank I tend to see them more, so I'll try tonight to see if I can get anything.

Does anyone know what this could be? Or why I'm also hearing sounds? I've also heard music and smelt something pleasant but never with the images. They're not scary, well, the last one was but mostly because it surprised me.

Also does anyone have any practices that can help me see them clearer without them disappearing so quickly? I meditate I guess one could say, but I like to consider the options open for me.

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Lovesick_Panda (4 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-07)
Thanks everybody for your suggestions! I heard bells ringing a few nights ago, but nothing else came with it. It was just the bells. There were multiple - maybe three - and they stopped as soon as I opened my eyes. It surprised me.
Aleron333 (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-25)
I recommend Gayatri mantra Deva Premal version you will find it on YouTube it is a beautiful arrangement and video clip it loops over and over again for about 2 half
Hours it is the most moving music I have ever heard:) >
Be warned it is extremely powerful the Gayatri mantra was channeled by a Vedic sage 3,500 years ago it is an ode to the source/ creator/ brahman/ God whatever you wish to call it it works on all your chakras all your energetic bodies. More than likely will make you feel profoundly emotional enjoy my brothers and sisters.:) >
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-22)
Zen deals with clearing the mind using the breath.
Some people count then use the breath. An aim to experience bliss. A silence and a feeling of oneness.

With walking meditation
One practices while walking or sitting.

As you put your story. You have a method but know
You need more in order to gain focus.

In order for us to expand we must exercise.
So Focus is achieved inwardly and outwardly.
This will stimulate and unblock energy centers which results in stronger psychic abilities.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-20)
You may wish to Google: Samadi

The prep before Samadi is Deep meditation and Samyami.

You might try Zen-deals with clearing the mind. Add, Open Meditation-by Shirley MacLaine. Aim toward pos thoughts daily. This will open a whole new venue for you.
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-19)
I believe you about the abrupt thing, but try listening to music, maybe a song without lyrics, but just acoustic and that should keep you calm enough to let yourself project. If ou feel your heartbeat rise the first time you try it, make some hot tea. Like an earl grey or something that should put you to sleep, but not quite. It's kind of like a lucid dreaming state that yo have to be in for this to work, either e-mail me or go on here and tell me how it worked for you. My e-mail is on my profile page. Hope to hear from you soon.
Lovesick_Panda (4 stories) (4 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-19)
Thank you for the answers, cayce17, Enceladus. I don't recognize them per say, and they're too short so I can't say if they feel familiar or not. The only feeling I got was with the girl on the hill. I had this masculine sense about the scene so I think the person I was looking through was a man or at the very least a little boy. The vision around the edges were blurry and I think I was actually looking through someone's eyes.

I will try what you suggest, but my problem is that they come so abruptly and they end up shocking me out of my mediative state.
Enceladus (guest)
8 years ago (2015-07-18)
I've had something very similar, except that I keep seeing a young boy. I'm leaning towards past lives. The boy I keep seeing in these short visions just feels familiar, so I have a question: Do any of those images feel familiar to you? It should feel like déjà vu, or something along that feeling. Follow what cayce17 said. I see the images with a blank mind, especially when I'm meditating in bed.
cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-18)
I think it's some form of projecting. Meditation can help, I've heard to help you control when this happens to you. Do you recognize anyone in this projection? I think you can also try clearing your mind to control when it happen. Can you control yourself inside them? Keeping your mind blank like you said you did will also be a way for your mind to drift off and you can project easily. That seems to be the best option.

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