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Pregnancy Premonitions?


I am not familiar with psychic abilities or psychic culture but recently came across this website and thought I'd share my story. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar.

Occasionally I seem to just 'know' things that are going to happen. Most commonly the death/miscarriage of unborn children. I never share my thoughts with others because obviously this can be a distressing and delicate subject.

The first time this occurred I was visiting my parents' church. During the service a sharing time is made available for members to share times of celebration, achievement, or prayer requests, etc. A woman went to the front of the room and excitedly told the congregation that her granddaughter was pregnant. Instantly I felt a feeling of dread, almost as if she shouldn't have told everyone. I thought to myself 'This baby is not going to be born, it's going to die.' I was instantly horrified with myself, why would such an awful thought pop into my head? The next time I visited this church around 3 months later the same women announced that her granddaughter had lost the baby and she requested prayer for her and her husband.

Most recently my partner's sister experienced two miscarriages, both of them I sensed the day before they occurred. The first time was during dinner, the thought popped into my head 'Oh, the baby is gone' and it felt as if someone had left the room. The second time, my niece (3 year old daughter of the women experiencing the miscarriages) randomly began to tell me about the baby in her friend's mother's tummy. I suddenly thought 'there's no baby in your mummy's tummy' and was overwhelmed with sadness.

This has happened on other occasions too with other people and once with the death of an infant. Each time it happens I experience the thought of what will happen coming into my mind with a feeling of dread/extreme sadness.

Many years ago I suddenly 'knew'/had a gut feeling that in my future I will have difficulty becoming pregnant, use IVF to conceive, find out I am having twins, and die during child birth at a specific age. At first this troubled me but I am now okay with it. I thought this was interesting because I've always found it difficult to imagine my life past that age.

Perhaps this is simply some kind of womanly instinct, or maybe it's nothing at all and I am just being strange, I really don't know. But I am interested to see if anyone knows of others who have had similar experiences.

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vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-27)
I agree with PathR for the most part. What struck me immediately is that this is more about YOU, not necessarily that you are gifted with this special ability to sense baby stuff. Your sense of babies is heightened by your own spiritual awareness, in the recesses of your soul that you can not consciously understand. And especially because you sense your own story, also having to do with pregnancy and two babies, it sounds like it is past life related. I hope you do not pass away... But at the same time I understand that you are ok with it. ALso sometimes we are presented with such information so we can choose what to do with it. Perhaps you will decide not to get IVF... And that may or may not be a good choice, but only you will know. Some things in life are destiny, and you don't want to mess with that. Other times you truly have a choice. I agree you should seek out some sort of way to heal... Because your premonitions may begin to change and reveal a new story/path/destiny/soul contract.

I knew all about my baby at least 2 years before her birth. In fact, right now I am trying to cope with my sense that another baby (a boy) is on the way. I am not pregnant, but I believe I will be within the next 8-9 months. I know my children's personalities, and I know that they will get along marvelously and really compliment each other. I know more than maybe I want to know! I even knew how to prepare my body years ago, so my body can safely carry them. I also had a premonition of my friend's pregnancy, and it all came true like I said it would.

By the way, it sounds like you may be clairaudient. I experienced exactly what you said in your OP, where I thought I knew something, and then a voice "in my head" told me something that made no sense yet turend out to be the truth. I think you are being tipped off by another entity and that it is not your own inner voice or anything like that. But you can nhave multiple things going on spiritually as far as spiritual gifts are concerned... But like I said a lot of what you said sounds like clairaudience. I wish you the best of luck.
yellow123 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-24)
Thanks for your comment PathR.
Very interesting, I will definitely look into the subject of past lives.
Thanks for your response.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
7 years ago (2015-07-22)
For you as an Empathy you are tapping into an issue close to you. The ability is called precognition:knowing future events.

The idea of finding it difficult to imagine past a certain age. Has to do with past lives.
This affects the Etheric aura as well as Heredity which is an Imprint in the Ketheric template (Aura).
If you can get a hold of a healer who combines therapies they can help you work through.
These areas are not an exact science.

It is important to bear in mind that souls who inhabit the fetus as a baby can choose to not incarnate.
The souls being born have a tough road as the energies of light/dark spawn an up and down road.

As to you initial question?
I have known what the sex of the baby would be in dreams.
As well know when death was knocking at the door of loved ones.

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