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Both Of My Sons See The Same Spirits In Our House


I am looking for some help, an understanding ear, maybe I am posting this with the hope that I will find a medium who has more experience willing to help educate me about who and why these spirits and shadows are in my house. My oldest son is now 13, when he was 3 I had trouble getting him to sleep at night, I bought the parenting books about this topic but to no avail could never get him to sleep in his own room a whole night through, this caused problems in my marriage with his step father and to make a long story short ended up getting divorced when he was six. He has been diagnosed with adhd and the diagnosis' just seem to keep multiplying as he is getting older, he has been diagnosed with and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I was told when he was diagnosed with ADHD to give him melatonin and that it would help him to sleep better, it worked for a little while when the melatonin stopped being effective he was prescribed clonidine, but even with that he states that something wakes him from his sleep. He is very scared at night and will tell me he feels like he is being watched in his room, sometimes he will come in to my room or ask me to sit with him until he falls asleep. He gives me very little details as to what or who he is seeing, last night he said something was in the living room when I question what he saw he said he didn't know I asked if it was a person and he snapped at me and said you don't believe me anyway. I do believe him, he has seen a little girl in a white dress who shows herself to him bloody, he has seen a toddler at the side of my bed standing and looking at me while I was asleep, he told me he thought it was his little brother who was about 2 at that time. He has seen an old woman who was standing in the kitchen staring at our cat. He has seen an older man wearing a suit and a fedora looking out our garage door window. At night when he is scared I can hear the panic in his run if that makes sense. He never talks to the things he sees, I know he is afraid, during the day he is ok and not so scared but once night falls it's a different story entirely. Since my divorce I have been lucky enough to have my parents allow me to stay with them, my son rarely would stay at his friend's house he gets freaked out at other places too, one night when he decided to actually stay at his friends, my father had an experience that solidifies what my son has endured. My parents have added bedrooms down in the basement and my father was sleeping when a group of shadows encompassed the wall, he always has a little light on and could see the shadows, he told me when the group of shadows appeared only one asked my father where my son was at? But they used his name which I am not due to privacy. I went out of town to visit a friend and my mother was cleaning the kitchen one night and told me that she saw the little girl at first she thought it was my daughter and thought she was sleep walking into the living-room so she went into the living room to investigate to find no one there. My daughter never experiences anything I do not believe she is psychic.

However, my 3 year old son is also seeing ghosts he calls the little girl his sissy even when his sissy is at her father's for the weekend he sees the little girl and that is how he describes her to me. He has also seen a little boy who plays with his toys in his toy box, he is also afraid of the hall and will make me turn the hall light on in the evenings. He has also covered his head to hide from things he is seeing that scare him. I want my son to grow up and be able to face this "gift", I do not know how to help him. I have also heard my name called before and the usual footsteps and uneasy feelings but I have experienced that my whole life also, I think this "gift" runs in my family on both sides.

My oldest also gets these feelings once while driving on a road he said to be careful and drive slowly, having no idea why he said that until 25 feet ahead of us stood a huge buck right in my lane of the road standing there, I looked at him and asked how he knew that he said I had a weird feeling. We drove past a certain house my mom lived in as a preteen which she told me stories of it being haunted and my son looked at me and said that house has a haze around it, he had no idea that my mom ever lived there. I hope someone can offer me some insight into what may be going on here and how I can help him and my 3 year old. My house has also been blessed twice. There is no history of anything bad happening here only one family ever lived here and no one died here so why are there so many spirits and shadows. One more thing I have two cats, one of them sensing things here to.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-24)
Some children see angels and demons. A holy angel NEVER scares a child. Demons disguise themselves as people, and SCARE the child. They can't make the child sin in any big way, so they terrorise the poor kid... Give the child a cross to wear around it's neck. Talk to it about Jesus, and how the angels protect children. Read a children's bible to the child before bed time. Teach it to pray morning and night, and whenever it's afraid. Also, parents should never fight in front of children, especially at night. And never shout at a child at night, before it goes to bed. Visit website: "real life angel and demon encounters" for more info. Good luck. God bless!
leashy (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-26)
hi I am 14 and I understand what your kid are going through... I have been having experiences since I was 3 years old and my abilities have been growing, since I met my friends who are also pschic... One thing you should know is that some experiences are very energy draining and they need to relax to gain energy back.
I you or your sons ever want to contact me privatly for anything, from advice to tips, contact me at leashy1234 [at]
I can help with a lot of things and tell you about gaing energy and facing the shock of them... And a few ways to get them to leave
ThanksG (4 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-17)
Dear Scared;
Anne made some great suggestions and offered some ridiculously good insight. The book, Indigo Children, is also maybe a resource you might use to help your sons 'develop' their abilites, rather than be scared by them, or worse, told to not use them.
Indigo Children was written more than a decade ago, but it was to offer parents insight as to how to help their more "sensitive" children. When they develop their skills/natural abilities, they become "lightworkers" and that helps us all,,, which is only Good.
Peace, Kristin.
mcclainsr (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-13)
hey my name is Stephen an I just found out about this site. And its ok the spirits he see's are looking to be released from the "prison" of the physical likes of their sorroundings. If he can communicate an tell them what they actually are and explain justly about what they should do to be released you won't have to see them.However, he is too young an has little knowledge of what is at hand. This is a gift that should be reconized. Myself, can feel spirits but not as intense when I was little. Take care. And thank you for your story
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
Well, like what has been previously said. Children are more prone to see these things. There isn't honestly a way I can make the spirits go away for your boys, but you can tell them how to cope with it. Make a list of how you think you can help them.

I'm sure enough you know the answer to help your boys. And you're doing the right step. But most of the time children lose the ability to see these spirits later on. If they are still having problems then it's normal. Remember, 'there are good spirits and bad ones.' That would be the best way to go.
destineelynne (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
I am 14, I see spirits. For me, It's very similar. During the day it doesn't bother me as bad. And sometimes I can even block them out all together. But at night, there are times when I can't stand it... I would rather see them because for me, It scares me even more whenever I KNOW that they are there watching me, but I can't see them. Sometimes whenever I am sleeping I will wake up and see one right beside me or in my room. If he is like me, then even if he can't see them physically. He see's them mentally and knows exactly where there at. He can feel them. I see some spirits physically and some I just know they are there. I am lucky because, My mother saw spirits whenever she was a child. But, its something we kind of keep private. I only tell her about a spirit I saw if I am really confused or need help, this is because whenever I first told her that I saw spirits she told me that a lot of it no one could really help me with, I would have to figure it out on my own. I have learned that this advice was really true. Your sons will learn to handle their abilities in their own ways. She let me know that she is Always there for me and that gave me so much comfort. I know from personal experience that it helps so much more whenever you know that if you are scared or need help with a spirit, that you have someone to go to. My mom is who I go to and I couldn't do it without her. Whenever I first started seeing them I didn't tell anyone for the fear that they would call me insane. But I finally broke down and told my mom in a very tearful setting. It's hard to see things like this as a child. I know. But with your help your sons will eventually learn how to deal with it. Your love and encouragement will get them farther than anything right now. <3 hope this helps
AThousandMistakes (guest)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
I think you asking for help is great. As Anne said, many parents don't believe the sightings and the gifts. I do believe that both of your sons are mediums on their own level. However, they may not pick up on the same things or see the dead the same way. That's normal. Each medium sees or senses the dead in their own way.

As long as the spirits don't pose a threat toward your family, house, or objects, I believe you should let them stay at or around your house. You must realize that spirits were once living, breathing humans. They experience real emotions. I think that the spirits who are contacting your children wish to find a friend, have their story told, or need to finish some business they meant to take care of before they died. If it is the latter, in order to be at peace in the Other Side, they must get their business finished.

Your children's reaction towards them is normal. When I was younger, I was terrified of spirits. I have also found that children physically see spirits more than older teens and adults do. My advice would be is to let your boys know that this is a gift unique to them, whenever you think the time is right.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
A friend of mine sent me this study in science.
Google: New Study Reveals Why Some People
Can See Other's "Aura"

Posted by:naturaltherapyfor
Posted 2012/05/11
scaredformyson (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
Thanks for the response, most of my life I have experienced ghosts I have never seen one but have sensed spirits lived in Virginia and mostly on Indian burial grounds, which is probably why I has those feelings he is just way more sensitive than I have ever been, I am going to work on opening my chakras up then maybe I can help these souls move on, just want my son to learn how to live with this gift.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-11)
This may come off as some good news but this is far more common than parents realize but most parents just dismiss it as an "invisible friend" or hallucinations. Children have very open chakras and can easily see into the next dimension (The astral). Some are more open than other childrens. It just sounds like he has very open chakras. The good news is that as we age these slowly close down so in time, this should diminish. Only rarely do they stay this open which results in a person who is a psychic medium.

People don't have to die in a house to co-inhabit one. There are billions of souls all around us, just vibrationally up a notch or two so we can't see them, and in less than one hundred years, seven billion more souls will be added because 99.99% of us will have deceased. If you were to work your chakras and open them up, you'd see them eventually just like your son.

I wrote an article for parents with psychic children:

It may ease his mind if you tell him that these "ghosts" are just people without the shell. The word Ghost is always associated with something negative for children so we have to find new ways of explaining a different reality. If you think about it, we're ghosts too as we possess the spirit that will keep on living after our shell's demise.

Hope this helps.

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