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Strange Dreams And A Spirit


I've been hesitant to post here, as a part of me just believes I'm crazy. But despite lurking here for a while, I haven't found much information about some things, so I thought I'd might as well go ahead and ask.

Every once in a while I'll have strange dreams, which usually come true sooner or later. At first they were just small, random things. One example is dreaming about finding a poisonous snake in my neighbor's yard, just to have the same thing happen the very next day. But recently my dreams have become more than just that, which has me both confused and somewhat worried.

The more strange dreams started a few months before my brother's surgery, which was somewhere around January. He is disabled and has many different problems, and not many people thought he was going to survive. Before long I had a dream about it.

In my dream, I could see both me and someone else standing at what seemed to be pretty much nowhere. There was no ground, sky, or anything else. Just seemed like an odd, purple void. All the person said in my dream was: "Don't worry. Your brother will be fine." After I said okay, I woke up. Oddly, despite my upset family, I wasn't worried at all about my brother after that. The surgery went well and he is just fine.

A month or two after my brother recovered, I had another dream. The setting was a peaceful place outside. There wasn't much there besides a stream, some rocks, and various tropical plants. For some reason I was bowing, much like a monk would. The same man from the last dream was also sitting there watching me, but I wasn't bowing to him. It seemed more like he was trying to teach me something, although I have no idea what or why. I felt peaceful in the dream. However, I really have no idea why I was doing that, and now that I am awake that dream both confuses and creeps me out a little.

The last dream I had was in the same place as last time. The man there said that if there was anything upsetting or bothering me, to think of that place. Afterwards I woke up.

I am not sure if appearances are important, but I'll describe what he looks like just in case. He is a man that I believe is somewhere in his 20s. He has light skin and blonde hair, and his clothes are white. The odd thing about him is that he never shows his face. In the first dream I was simply too far away to see what he looked like. In the others, however, his face was always a blur.

I believe that he is around when I am awake as well. I will usually feel an odd tingling sensation when he is. Oddly enough, this mostly occurs when I am upset (Not that it's trying to make me upset. I usually feel better afterwards.) or even if I am looking up things about spirits or dreams. (Like right now.) I usually feel it on top of my head, face, arms or on my shoulders. I believe I can sense other spirits as well, although I usually feel a chill as well when that happens, but not with him. It doesn't scare me at all, although it probably should.

So what is this? Is this a spirit or have I lost my mind? Why do I keep having these weird dreams?

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tmanning (4 stories) (26 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-15)
omg! Okay... We had the same experience (probably with different people) First of all, I had a dream that I was in a room wth no walls or floor or anything, and someone came to me telling me of the future... He said "Your mom is going to be okay, youre going to win the lottery... And something about the father of my kids" then he disappeared and another man appeared he was a large man sitting in a chair with a very stearn voice he said "Do you want Marvin in your life?" I said "No." He left and I started having these crazy labor pains... Woke with tears in my eyes and everything even went looking for my baby in the dream. Then a month later I had a dream that I hit the jackpot for 500 mil! My mom is doing okay... I haven't won the lottery but honestly it hasnt been too much on my mind. Id like to develop this ability though for sure. Whatever this is that's happening is such a glorious and terrifying experience that I just... Kind of want to know more. I came to the site in search of the same answers you did... Good luck!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-05-14)
This to me sounds like a guide of yours. It fits the tell tale signs of being positive, giving you a reference point to think of when you're stressed, making itself felt when you are upset (but in a good way) and giving you information on your brother to ease you. You probably don't see his face because it's irrelevant to the assistance.

As for why in dreams, many men don't pursue their spirituality while awake (meditation) so it remains that subtle realm information is instead gained through the tried and true dream state.

It is quite common to have prophetic dreams. They happen to most everyone and even those that don't remember their dreams, will instead have déjà vu (a dream that they had but can't remember but they still swear they have experienced or seen something before and they have; in their dreams).

You are not a nut. You're normal and are just now getting educated on the true state of affairs in your life. It's good!
Thanks for sharing.

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