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Psychic Experiences Or Miracles From God, Or Both?


I just know a certain song is playing on a certain radio station, so I turn the radio on and sure enough, the song I was thinking of is playing on the radio station that I chose! What is the purpose of this ability? Maybe it's just the brain being able to pick up certain frequencies and translate them into the corresponding music.

I unconsciously know when a person is looking at me at any moment in time, I find myself suddenly turning my head and look directly into the eyes of another person who is staring at me and we connect. This can be someone directly behind me or to the side or at the opposite side of the room in the middle of a crowd of people, my eyes go directly to the eyes of the person staring at me like I'm drawn to them and we connect. What is the purpose of this? I don't realize why I am turning around until my eyes connect with the other person's, but it always happens and then I say to myself, "That's why I suddenly turned around." It's such a mindless act. What is the purpose?

More recently a man that sometimes wears a hat tells me the solution to relationship problems. I say what he tells me to say and it solves a conflict. His same spirit tells me where to live, what I can expect in some financial windfalls.

I had been very distressed and yet had been comforted when with the sudden urge to look up, I see an angel etched in the backyard fence which made me stop crying. Along with that came the accompanying knowledge that I don't have to worry about financial matters. That very month two financial transactions were not deducted from my account, saving my credit rating. It happened again this month when a 106. 00 charge was non existent and yet the merchant received their funds. Right next to the angel etching was a UFO etching telling me that there are opposites in this world.

Another subject: My cousin felt a heavy presence when we were visiting my grandfather's grave as kids. She attacked me with teeth bared and claws. I had to defend myself, and I did nothing to merit an attack; I was minding my own business. She blamed it on me and thought I was causing this heavy atmosphere. I told her that maybe the evil spirits caused it, but to me she seemed possessed at the time with the evil face, claws out, and attacking me for no good reason. She would never admit it was her fault. Another incident like that happened at my church. My acquaintance, "friend" in Sunday school told the class that she felt a heavy presence in the church service and that the Holy Spirit told her not to always help some people and she looked straight at me as if I were something evil and it was my fault. I don't know why this happens and people seem to always blame me for this evil presence. I think maybe they are the conductor for the evil presence which doesn't like the light and therefore they feel they need to push me down because I am ruled by the light, not a dark force. They twist it around and accuse me of being the dark aspect and therefore that I need to be gotten rid of when in fact they are the problem. Just my guess, but it makes me wonder if I really am all that bad that they claim I am. I have a weak and suggestible psyche. This is why the white light experience was so positive and influential to me. I needed the support it had to offer. You can read about my white light experience on another part of this website.

More recently I've been receiving all kinds of financial miracles to help me through tough times. I also received the knowledge that I should pursue my musical abilities instead of trying to get a more stable job in real estate. I seem to trust the path all these things have led me to because they so obviously are miracles uplifting me and keeping me on a path that is not financially secure at the moment, but I know that I will always be taken care of somehow by the miraculous miracles that keep happening all around me, whether it be an old acquaintance that wants to do business with me out of the blue, or a piano tuner that decides to tune my piano and fix a string for free, or debit card transactions that don't get actually deducted from my account, or any number of other things that the Lord is moving around to support my path. I feel like I have a purpose that God is pleased with and that I should be doing what I am doing and that he keeps me on this path because he is trying to teach me something. Maybe that I should stay tuned into Him and believe he clears the debris out of my path. This is the amazing part to be able to recognize the miraculous! The mundane doesn't seem mundane at all, because I just keep waiting for the next miracle.

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-25)
In the bible, Christ would say "You shall know me by my works."
I want to make this point because... Demons/devils/ evil has knowledge too. Many times, even the same knowledge that angels and saints do. Sometimes, even more.
What makes them evil, is what they decide to do with this knowledge.

Now, having said that, I will say this. Right before I started reading about your cousin in the graveyard, I felt a heavy pressure coming from the top left, behind my head.
Now, you also said you have a weak and suggestible psyche.
That suggests demonic oppression at work. Tenderizing the meat, so that, when they eat it, they can eat it easily.
Furthermore, negative entities can cause financial windfalls as well as good ones.
It's building confidence in this windfalls... Getting you to slowly rely on them more and more. Plus, it's putting you in debt to whatever spirits.
It's a... Complicated energy concept. One word for it is Karma. Another word could be Holiness. Think of it as a sort of spiritual currency.
The question is, what will these spirits do with the karma/holiness you owe them? If you are no longer able or willing to pay the spiritual wage, what will their works be?
One of the most insightful spirits I talked to only talked to me for a few days.
Told me it was God almighty, the God of the Jews. Had enough ability to phsyically manifest to force me to my knees, and still have a conversation with me.
This spirit told me this "I will only talk to you for these few days. We will study the bible, I will direct you what to read. You will read until I tell you to sleep. You will sleep, then you will read. You will do what I tell you for these three days. Then I will never talk to you again. If a spirit ever talks to you again and says it is me, it is lying. You might come across other spirits that might be able to force you to your knees, but they are not me. If any try to tell you the future, they are not me. The reason I tell you this is because I, if I so chose to, could force you to walk into the middle of town, strip off your clothes, and spout words and prayers in vain. I could force you to cut your wrists. You are weak in mind, and in spirit, and do not even fully realize it. SO I will teach you for these few days, then I will leave, and you will be strong. And you will be on your own to make your own choices. And you will never be forced to do what I am forcing you to do from this point forward. Any spirit that trie to force you to, is lying to you."
At first, I was elated. Then, when this spirit forced me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to pray in front of family members.
It was very careful in forcing me to pray, and simply had me pray the Lord's prayer.
The point of it was that the spirit was able to force me to do it.

In any case, I would suggest you strengthen your faith with God, and with Christ.
Start simple. In your own private time, pray for insight... Not to angels, but to God. Then read the bible. Don't cram it in. Read a bit, think about it, sleep on it.
Read some more.

If you have 2 or 3 days, do that for the entire 2 or 3 days.

If you have a week of, do that for the entire week.

And always bear in mind, that anyone, or anything, should be known by their works... Not just their knowledge.

The insecurity you feel towards these spirits is indeed being projected on you... But part of it is also your own intuition.
It might be that the answer is to cut yourself off, and it might be that hte answer is to imerse yourself.
MOST likely, the answer is to continue with your spiritual growth, but in a very specific manner... The path of least resistance, the path where your intuition and your heart and your mind all agree and come together.

Once again, pray to God for guidance.
littlepinkdaisy (2 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-25)
I shy away from being a medium, I'm told they are not operating from God, but from demon's guidance. That I would not want. However these things are happening to me and I don't see the harm, I just see the help. It is confusing when others see it as a negative. It is like my own private game that is always there for me. A medium is what? Someone who talks to spirits?
I don't know if I like that. Or is it someone who sees the future? I never see anyone's future details, well I take that back. Sometimes I do see how my children will grow and what they look like years from present. It turned out right every time, but it didn't happen often.
Kristen_Mindfreak (6 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-23)
Well you know psychic abilities are miracles of God. Everyone has these abilities deep inside, but it depends how you open it. A non believer may also have psychic experiences but won't understand it because if their belief. You are a psychic medium and this is just the beginning. Well, you will be able to unfold more if you practice

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