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Abilities Gained From Belief In God


This year Something unusual developed within me and I believe it came from God.

I have gained the ability to heal people a few months ago, and it's pretty cool, I also have developed a higher level of understanding

And don't use my gifts for anything but good.

I recently went to the hospital for a foot surgery that was quite painless. So I woke up in my hospital bed without pain and that was normal because of the medicine but what really confused me was that night when I slept. I woke up in the middle of the night and started WALKING!around,I had no pain and certainly didn't feel like I had a surgery.

I then realy woke up in my hospital bed and I could stil see the Hall I was walking in and feel my body moving although I lie completely still. I felt so weird.

I started seeing peoples thoughts in my head recently and felt there feelings I don't how it works it Just happens.

I feel energy in my hands like realy hot and I have been trying to

Move things but its pointless I can barely get it to Shake it Just blurs. I can although create a slight breeze Just around my hand I hope I can learn to control it better hopefully move things.

I watched thor ragnarok a few weeks ago and after the movie ended I felt electricity in my fingers I can recreate that feeling and also wish to understand it better so I can use it.

I have been training with my energy I gained also from God and when I make an energy ball and throw it at something the lights flicker suddenly. I think God is amazing and I am gratefull for everything he has done for me

I got close to Him by praying and since then I discovered these abilities and am able to withstand irritasion and anger I feel like a new living person

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