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White Light Experience


I don't know if the title is correct for what I experienced. I come from a Christian background and the only thing I have to compare what I experienced is the burning bush seen in the Old Testament.

I had become progressively weaker, would have to take a nap after walking up the stairs, and dropped dishes when trying to put them in the dish washer because my hands shook. The doctor told me nothing. I didn't know what to do. I laid down on the couch to rest before attempting to do chores around the house and this is when it happened.

I arose from the couch and saw a large flame. But it was not like an earthly flame, it was alive. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I felt so weak standing there looking and admiring it when I became aware it was giving me life.

The longer I looked at it, the stronger I became. I became aware that it was humming. A very faint, constant humming. I wanted to touch it because it was so beautiful and I started to move forward, when suddenly I stopped because I remembered that I could not touch it.

The reason why I should not touch it didn't even cross my mind; I just knew not to try and touch it. So I just stood there and admired it for a while longer while each facet of it danced and moved with precision, in a seemingly random way which seems contradictory.

It was illuminated from within and I could see into this light. I could see the inside and the outside of the light at the same time. It was shaped like a flame, but it was no earthly fire.

I could only compare it to the holy spirit in the Bible. But I still don't know for sure if that is what it was. I heard no voice, no instructions, but the reams of information that I received that day illuminate my understanding and have given me peace. I no longer strive to be more or do more because I know that I am enough, that I have been given what I need and not of myself, but a gift of life, strength, wisdom, everything.

When I was finished with my time observing and being with this otherworldly light, I was instantaneously lying back on the couch and arose to sit up. I tried to find the light, but it was gone, I realized that I couldn't have walked back to the couch that fast to lay down and that I had had an out of body experience.

I had come out of my body and stood in the middle of the room for this experience. Ever since then I have been getting stronger emotionally and physically and I understand the Bible better. Even so it seems that some people don't equate experiences like this to the Bible.

So I am still thinking about it and what it all meant and why it happened to me. But it was real; it was more real than reality itself. To me, surreal is the new real.

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PearlescentLight333 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-25)
I too have seen something very similar to what you write about. I have awakened at night partially outside of myself. There hanging over me was a large golden energetic mass. It sparked like molten gold or flames of gold. It was egg shaped and more pointed at the top. It appeared to have a definite weave to it similar to the eternal knot. I stared at it in amazement for what seemed like minutes as it hovered over my right side. I remember thinking how I was receiving a feeling of absolute love and peace from it. I then returned the feeling of love to it. A few weeks later, I experience the same thing only there were two energetic masses. I can only say that these experiences have encouraged me to keep searching on this journey and each vision or gift always leads to the next teaching you are supposed to learn from.

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