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What Am I? In The Supernatural Sense


I guess it started when I was about 10 or 11, I was able to feel the emotions of people in a room. I remember the first time it happened, one of my distant cousins died, and I went to the mourning family's home, and it hit me like a wall. All the emotions in one place, confusion, hurt, sadness, depression. Family member would come to hug me and I would be immersed in the emotion (They wouldn't have it show on the face, but I felt it cover me). After that I knew that, that experience wasn't normal. So, as a normal little kid I told my mom, she told me a really abnormal time with her mother having visions of a guy being in pain, so she would pray for him every time she had a vision about him, and one day a local new station did a story on a college footballer recovering, she was shocked and starting crying, and said that's the guy I saw in those visions. So, I just brushed it aside, learned how to filter it out (okay, not exactly filter it out, but numb it down a lot) over some time.

I was fourteen when I could feel energy I guess. Not like electrical buzzing or vibrations but like energy. I was running with one of my friend in my neighborhood and I got really really tired, and I lay in a field of grass. It can sort of slow at first, but I felt the energy from the earth flowing to me (Or through me I don't know it's difficult to describe), at first it came from the grass, then it got deeper and stronger, it was almost like a pull. I felt it swirling in my fingertips, crawling up my arms. I wasn't tired anymore. I felt strong... *fast forward to now* But I this occasionally, It come really helpful when my head is hurting etc. (Oh, and I've tested this thing out, It only happens with like rivers, and the ground, and lakes, and like campfires etc.) (I've tried it with air but it's different than what I'm use to)

And the most recent thing that freak me up really. (That made me go to this website). I was in a house that I had never been in before and I found a clear marble on the ground. I looked at it, and almost a pull or a trail lead me upstairs in the homeowner's bedroom's closet. I'm the closet. I found an urn, with a gold top. I opened the top and the urn was filled of the same kind of clear marbles. This kind of freaked me out, before I had NEVER been in that house before. I had NEVER seen the urn before, and I had NEVER seen that marble before. To be honest, it scared me, but then it also intrigued me.

SO, I've tried it dibble-dabble in some things that I thought were related to this, like enchanting and "energy-manipulating" (I just made that term up, I don't know what to call it) and attempting to read peoples thoughts, just little stuff nothing huge, or serious. Enchanting was successful, I just gathered a bunch of energy in my hand, and pushed it inside of a ring, and I feel the energy in it when I wore it) (I don't think I'm a mind-reader, but I've had instance where, I got in my cats head, making him do things, not mind-control, but I guess planting ideas and actions in his head. For example, I don't like my cat sleeping in my bedroom, so I'll find him asleep on my bed when I'm ready to go to bed, or I would wake up in the night of the night to him lying on the foot of the bed. I concentrate really hard, and I get past something, but I felt a break if I concentrated long enough. And I thought really hard about him leaving my room, and he would wake up, and leave my bedroom. (This had happened more than once).

This along with a couple of more weird things have happened, So I was wonder what am I because most people don't have these instances, and I want to meet people that are going through he same thing I'm going through, or is more experience. I'm so lost, I feel like I could do more, and control things more, if I got the right guidance, but first I need to know am I a psychic, or a witch or something else. (I don't know about the witch though, I'm black so I'm don't think I'm from some ancestry of witches, but my family is from The Caribbean, but there is a lot of Voodoo practices down there) I'm just looking for answers, please help me.

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Anima (2 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2014-02-22)
Greetings, Rcalvin.

Honestly what you're explaining to me sounds like a few things. Your energy sensing capabilities reminds me of Empathy, the ability to sense energy not only in retrospect to elemental energies - which you have felt - but the emotional and physical energy of others around you. I too am an Empath, its actually one of my more noticeable abilities - but it is certainly a very overwhelming one as well. You have to be careful Calvin, and I'm not saying this to scare you or anything as you have a beautiful gift - but other people's energies can seriously effect your well being - Empaths, to my knowledge, have strong Heart Chakras which is how they connect so well to the world around them. I read this somewhere that the Heart Chakra is the element of Air, Air can symbolize negative energy - not bad energy - but energy that draws things towards you, which is partly how Empaths sense things, along with their Third-Eye. We draw energy toward ourselves into our hearts where we feel with our inner senses. It is naturally intuitive, so I wouldn't be surprised if you are a more introverted person. The reason I say you must be careful, is that you draw everything toward you, including bad energies as well, some would even call these energies 'poison.' You may not even notice it, but other people's energies can even sway your thoughts or your outlook on things subconsciously to a level. Remember to shield yourself when around others.

Perfect example of Elemental Empathy is what you explain when you lay against the earth, that is the Earth element energy, and what you were feeling was you becoming rooted with the earth, that deep connection with the Core that holds are physical forms down. Earth is also considered neutral energy in some aspects, it is hard and unbending and resonates with our Root Chakra. If You meditate I would try this: Find whatever position you find comfortable in meditation and concentrate, then acknowledging your energy field and chi and say, "My energy is now of the Earth." you will feel your energy suddenly shift and actually 'harden' or draw itself downward. You can even say, "My energy is now of Fire," and you will feel your energy suddenly grow hot and become fueled with something. I use these when I exercise to pump more energy into my body and extend my endurance. Be careful with fire, it can seriously 'burn you out.' 😜

Energy manipulation spans to Psionics, I would study that as well, though don't be daunted if you can't move fire or air or anything as Psionics are bit more... Subtle than people let it off to be, but they are definitely possible to an extent.

What are you? Well, that question has a lot of different answers. Do you mean spiritually? Or in regards to your powers, I'd definitely say you are a Empath and many Empaths have been connected to Angels and such. You need a deeper understanding of who you are my friend, consider the things you have imagined, and created. Have you ever designed a character or a world that strongly reflected yourself or some aspect of your being? Have you ever read into things like native Americans, Shamans, Witches and other such things that have stirred your energy like tingling sensations over the entire body or strange sense of familiarity? These are different hints to are former past lives and the deeper connections we have with higher selves.

If you don't mind, I'll use myself as an example. I used to wonder who I was for a long time, I've always had a strange connection with Androgyny, and could never fully accept being just male in my entirety. I prayed that something would reveal to me why I have such desires to feel as both sexes and not just one and after some crazy events in my life, one day in a powerful flux of energy I felt a body awaken in my own. This body is female, and she has hair that falls past her knees. When I walk and really connect with my inner self and the world, I can feel her hair blowing in the wind and even feel, the sensation of her body moving - yes, even in the chest area - to top things off, the entity later revealed to me that she was 'interested in women,' in her previous life; both sexually and as the gender itself, which is why she chose a male form in this life, to extend her knowledge as androgynous entity. Later I did water scrying, and to my discovery I could barely make out her face within my own.

Again,t his is all from my perspective of what I've found in my few years of studying psychic elements. Don't take anything I say to heart just yet, find parts of truth in my words that will further help build your own, but don't just accept them, question them and ask for guidance from your higher self or the greatest being you can possibly imagine - God, Brahma, the Goddess, whatever! Then keep your eye open and wait, let it guide you to the answers.

I hope what I've said help you in some way. Much light and love to you.
- Anima

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