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Supernatural Drawing? Help


I have been told numerous times that I have a psychic lineage and background and I have many accounts where I have proven too myself that I am. But, are psychics supposed to be able to spot any supernatural being out of a crowd through energy?

It was a few days ago and we were doing some last minute Christmas shopping when we were in Target near my house. We are casually walking down the isles looking for stuff when I sense an energy, the energy I felt seemed to be calling me or wanting me to go somewhere or to something. I decided to follow the energy and all it did was take me to a large crowd of people near the electronics. Instantly my eyes landed on a teenage boy about 15 or 16. When I looked away from him the energy would grow strong again, but when I looked back at him it dimmed. In my head random pictures of some new creature that seemed to be a hybrid between a vampire and werewolf. The picture in my head was of him but with piercing yellow eyes and a furry look to him. He also had two sharp fangs being flashed and they were pearly white. I decided to walk away and think nothing of it.

The same type thing had happened to me yesterday 12/27/2017. I was just out with friends at Pet Co and I felt the same energy once again pulling me towards something. I once again followed it and found my self in another crowd of people. This time I instantly looked at a girl who looked about 20 or so and she had short brown hair and was medium height so nothing really special about her appearance. Once again the energy dimmed when I looked at her but then rose when I looked away. The moment I looked at her another image popped in my head of some type of fairy like creature, i'm not sure what it is called but in my mental image she had an evil, devious look to her.

Please help I am curious if this is common between psychics.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-13)
Okay wow. That's definitely something I've never heard. Is it still happening? I've been able to see myself in my mind and saw someone else once, but, not in the same way as you did. Now I'm curious. I want to know what I would look like to you.

Have a good day! I hope you are learning and are doing better!

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