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Chakra Healing Feedback


I've been going through a tough time lately, and have always been into spirituality/ crystals, spirits, I'm open to all of these things and developing my knowledge with them also, I was hoping some of you could read my experience and provide some feedback?

I decided last night I needed a little healing so I got out my chakra crystals I have never used them before for meditating or healing, its all new to me, but I'm open to it, I layed down on my bed, put the corresponding colour on the chakra it relates to, and I guess you can say meditated for about 20 mins, which surprisingly went really quick.

I read to imagine white light coming out of the crystals/chakras, so I did that, and also imagine my body absorbing the power of the crystals...

During it, I found the crystal on my stomach- solar plexus-yellow citrine- felt really heavy. And the blue citrine on my throat also felt really heavy, through out it all they started to lighten. Which I was like oh ok cool, then I couldn't feel them. Afterwards I felt this pain in my left ovary, I don't know maybe the red jasper for the sacral chakra got it I don't know working again, or I don't know put some energy into because I do have issues with my ovaries...

I just believed through out the process, that each crystal was working and giving me the energy each chakra needed etc. And today I feel a bit calmer, actually afterwards almost right away, I felt a bit dizzy, but also a bit more clear headed.

Just wondering if anyone had any feedback on my physical reactions to the healing I did on myself?

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DJ17 (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-21)
Chakras are pretty curious things at times. What I've noticed in the past is that chakra healing methods can have trigger feedback sensations when used. When In the past I've used a common technique through meditation that involved breathing and visualization of the chakra energy at each level. It was successful but it did have the sensation of physically feeling the fast revolution of the flow against my body.

It is not always easy to work with the sensations from the techniques, but they are definitely worth practicing. Generally, the more balanced your chakras, the more effective your abilities are. I hope that all goes well^-^

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