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Reiki Healing Vs. Natural Healer


Does anyone know what the difference is between empathic healing vs. Reiki healing? Can ANYONE be a Reiki healer? Wouldn't continuous healing of other cause the "healer" to be sick regularly?

Why is it I cannot absorb certain peoples energies, even when I try? Is there such a thing as "empathic healer"?

I've attempted to help my grandmother, but for some reason I cannot absorb her energy, I feel like my tongue gets stuck in the back of my throat. Also my cousin, she is very open to Reiki healing but whenever I've tried to make her feel better there's like a "blockage" of some kind. Not sure what it is, could it be she doesn't want to let go of that negativity?

Why does some energy make me ill and other energy has no severe side effect? At first I thought ALL energies that I absorb when "healing" someone was bad, but I had an experience that said other wise, actually my godfather, another "sensitive" I helped him out with a Migraine he couldn't get rid of, and right after I got a mild headache and back ache, which he didn't tell me he had. I think it was his way to see if I noticed, but either way migraine and back ache gone. And I felt better within an hour, no sick in bed the next day no nausea no sudden flu. It was nice experience, changed my view on healing and peoples energies but still think I prefer to stay closed to other energies... For the most part.

Last question, why the hell is learning to be a Reiki healer cost so damn much? How can I make myself feel better? I mean when I go camping I feel re-energized but I can't head out the Mountain every weekend. Is there a way I can get that same re-energized feeling in the city?

Also, how does closed "Chakra points" effect empaths? Does it make a difference, does it help keep the other energies away. I was told by a physic that my "charka points" are closed. All but 1, can't remember which. But prior to being told that it had been a little easier being in crowded places. Still can be overwhelming sometimes but better than it was. I still steer clear of Malls, especially around the holidays. People get so stressed out, kind of kills the whole "Christmas Spirit", for me anyways. How does completely open Chakra points effect people sensitive to energies?

Any information is appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Valex2 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-27)
I recommend Brett Bevell's Reiki books. In particular: New Reiki Software, book. You can find them on Amazon.
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-22)
Hi jjuniorr,

I just want to add that it's certainly not necessary to use a particular healing technique in order to be a facilitator of healing. All healing techniques are based on the same fundamental principle which is that in one way or another you connect to the Divine universal energy which you then channel to the person who needs healing. So the source is the same. What decides how strong of a healer you are more depends on yourself and how good of a conduit you are of the healing energy.

I hope that helps a little.

Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-22)
If you are an Empathy you will Mirror another's symptoms (feel,experience their symptoms).

According to Reiki-Teachers any one can learn and be attuned to level 1-3,and Karuna-Reiki. According to The Original From I handbook by Dr Mikao Usui, the Gassho Meditation is used gather. Store energy for healing. It is customary to ask if you can give healing to client.
As there seems to be an opening of a door to their unconscious.
Bear on mind there are degrees of healing on the mental emotional, spiritual and past lives.

You are inter acting as a Magnetic Healer, which needs to implement protection and use Transmutation by visiualization the energy changing before releasing.

It feels like when you have a drink and are in a setting, of teeing totally accepted you let the healing side flow. As a healer this is a normal path to question and gain more experience, hence to let go.

Thank you for sharing.

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