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Was It Me The He Saw?


I had a scary experience happened a while back and I've been trying to figure out what is could be if anything at all. So I thought maybe someone here can give me some theories as to what may have happened. A couple of months ago I was home with my husband and child, me and my husband got into a heated emotional argument, I think what may have made this disagreement different is our son was awake so we were making a point to not yell and not to just let loose on each other. We were both so mad at each other. I felt he was being selfish, I'm sure he felt I was being selfish. I'm sure he was upset but I was furious, I was emotional but the fury is what really got me that night, I couldn't stop myself from being so horribly MAD. I ended up falling asleep with my son, I couldn't even get myself to get near my husband. I did not sleep much that night, I couldn't stop thinking about how mad I was, I feel ashamed now of the things going through my mind that night, they were completely hypocritical because I could never harm anyone I love. But I... Felt like I wanted to just smother my husband. It's horrible I know, I am not a mean person or violent person by nature but I was so furious. I eventually fell asleep, only to be woken up by my husband about 4 am asking me why I was in our room, I told him I never left our sons room. He looked at me said nothing then walked away back to our room. Later that morning we talked and things were fine between us, but he ask me something that made me worry. He said, while he was sleeping he sort of woke up and saw me walk into the room walk around to his side of his bed, and that I then laid my chest on his face and held him down and he couldn't breathe he said when he was about black out I got up and walked out the room. I told him it was a dream, he said NO, that he could feel me, smell me and saw me in my same PJ's walk out when he sat up. We sort of made a joke of it, but I never told him what was going through my mind that night. Was it just a extreme dream or just nothing. I'm sensitive to energy and peoples emotions around, me, at times it can sway my moods too. I've been told I am a healer. Just an overall sensitivity to energy in general, the older I get the more aware I am of things around me, things I can see and things I cannot. Could someone with my sensitivity cause something of this nature to happen? I've read of people with psychic abilities unintentionally creating a poltergeist but I don't see myself as psychic, sensitive, yes but not psychic. Any theories are appreciated.

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