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I'm Telepathic, Discovered Healing Ability, But I'm Drained


Several years ago I did the Avatar course, followed by the masters course. A lot is discovered around consciousness here, a must do discovery by the way.

It woke up an ability in me that after exploring for some years after that course and reading other peoples writings, I was able to hone and use it with real accuracy and efficiency. There is no limit in distance either.

I am able to tune into any issue, mental or physical for somebody and turn it off, clear it within seconds, or maybe a minute for something bigger. I just ask them to focus on it, I know when they are and just clear it. They often wriggle a bit, muscles relax. Good success is when they feel light and tingly all over. Eyes light up and they look good again. It always works.

This is done hands off, none of that waving hands etc.

My problem in life now, is my ability to feel what's going on for people around me is soooo strong, that I'm constantly bombarded by the overwhelming sad state of peoples feelings. I've had to leave places sometimes as it's over bearing and unpleasant.

At certain times I can pretty much hear thoughts through feeling them when I know who i'm receiving from. They seem to translate for me.

If I go to sports events etc, most people are on a good buzz and it's a great place to be by contrast. These energize me.

Also I seem to automatically kick in a vibration that helps people process stuff themselves and feel better very quickly. This just happens now with no control over it, not that it is a bad thing. Just a lot of unexplained random yawns, even muscle spasms for whoever is near by. My work meetings have amused me. They have no idea. At least everyone has chilled and got to start co-operating better after enough meetings together.

But overall, I'm feeling drained. Being around people can be taxing and I've gained a real desire for a few beers and not feeling anything, a strange relief really, but works. Also, avoiding groups, parties etc is becoming a new tendency.

Anyways,i've heard talk of blocking, shields, imagining mirrors, places to recharge. I desperately need a tool or direction please.

If this ability is something you also have, I would love to chat, I know no one that does this. Any advice or suggestions appreciated

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area59 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-17)
wow. I hope you see this. I know that we share the same thing, just by the way u mentioned them randomly yawning and their eye's brighten up. Someone that claims to posess telepathy but talking rubbish, would not know that about the yawning and eyes brightening up, simple as it is, I have my own theories why it happens but that's all it is 'theories' yes absoloutley draining because the amount of negative stuff that's being put in my head is shocking, I don't know how to stop it. I can manipulate the subconscious etc I hope u see this and reply I have not met anyone else with the ability we have.
Intuitivehill31 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-11)
LaneNZ, I see this is old. If you get this please email me. I am going through the same things.
Hmcdowell31 [at] gmail
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-29)
LaneNZ if you were not an Empathic.
It seems you are one now. Read AnneV who is the owner wrote an article re Empathy. As an Empathy, gives and receive thoughts/emotions and sensations of folk around them and feel drained.

A good practice can be Qi Gong. Something that balances the energy centers and disciplines body/mind.
I had a fellow student who practiced this for years.
I do a few things.

The issue with manipulating/clearing thoughtforms or energy patterns. Is a healer must be strong as well as be able to draw on Energy for healing. It sounds as if you were doing Magnetic healing.

Barbara Brennans book Hands of Light speaks of Energy refered to as dead Org energy its residual.
Healers are taught to clear themself and locations before and after healing as the Org can cause side affects to a healer or clients.

I have found using a visualization shield around myself helpful when working.

Years ago I would feel tired but my work environment can be
Non stop with all kinds of activities spiritual and emotional.
Just today our Charge Nurse had a headache. I focused and saw a mist 6-8 inches before her left eye. So I rubbed my hands and moved just were the mist was until it elevated.

I rarely lay hands when doing healing. Sometimes on the shoulders at the end to ground and close the energy centers. And also so I disconnect. Then go and wash my hands.

Hope this helps
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-07-28)
Your story is interesting. My advise is first learn how to control your abilities, to be able to turn them on and off. When you use your abilities you blow energy. Once you do find a passion and absorb energy from it. Another reason you may be drained is if their is a shadow, demon, or psychic vampire (which are not bad, but inexperienced or vegetative ones can be harmful) around you. If that is so you simply need to build shields (well that would work against all but psychic vampires they could feed off the energy in shield). If it is a psychic vampire, find someone who is often around you when you are tired, then you just have to use your abilities to plant a shield against you in them.

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