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Connected To Him For 9 Years -dreaming Of Past Soul Mate


In order to share my second story, I will go back in time to about seven years ago, when I was 19 years old.

Seven years ago, I met this fellow named Jules (nickname) through a mutual friend. Our mutual friend, I met him a few times (in person) but he put me in contact with Jules. Jules & I started talking, He seemed interesting therefor, we decided to go for coffee. I didn't take that coffee rendez-vous as a date. He did. Jules is 6'1", piercing blue eyes with a dashing smile & a shaved head. We had quite a bit in common. How did I know he called it a date? He received a call, I told him that he could go right ahead & answer it. When he did, he said how he was on a date. After coffee, he offered to go a little drive around the neighborhood. There was something magnetic about him. Truth is, I've already seen him before. Not in our realm but in my dreams. That drive was sort of surreal because I know that he felt the same way (I'm a psychic Empath). At the end of the drive, he parked back at the coffee shop where we were he grabbed my face & kissed me. Truly marked him & I both. We both said how we should see each other again but I didn't get back to him. I was, truthfully, afraid because there was something about him. I knew him, not from our present day but from another time.

Time since that day, he came more apparent in my dreams. As if this linked us to a stronger bond. I had seen him before in my dreams but after seeing him in person, he came to me even more. The dreams were lucid (I felt everything, however, I couldn't control them). I tried to get into contact with him via texting. Always, in a casual manner but he wouldn't want to hear anything from me. He would get angry. I felt it. So, I took that as "never write to him again". I deleted his number. Time goes by, I have my few flings/boyfriends. However, he still came to me. I never tried channeling him nor contact him whenever I felt he wasn't alright or felt him unconsciously reaching out because I recalled his way of pushing me away. Besides, I no longer had his contact info.

About 2 years ago, I get an add on facebook with a personal facebook message stating "hey, Kristen". Thing is, this entire time, as I stated, he kept coming to me in my dreams. & the night before the message & add, he came to me again. I wasn't sure if it was truly him. I asked who it was to which he said "it's me, Jules, we went for coffee many years ago". I have never "seen" someone so eager to speak to me again. He asked me to call him, gave me his number & all. I was spellbound. I call him. Get his latest scoop. Few weeks later, I was at a friends house with few other girlfriends & trying to decide what to do for a girls' night. I wasn't really feeling like going to a lounge & at that moment, Jules messages me. He said how he was out with 2 other friends that I also knew & wondered if I wanted to join them. I told my girlfriends about his guy, said how I'll pay them a drink next time we're out (which would be the following weekend) & head out to see him/them.

It was Winter, Canadian winters tend to rather cold & slowly made my way to their destination on the black ice filled roads. Once I get there, we both glanced at each other. He had the biggest smile. Everything goes well, the other 2 guys that I knew were fun to talk to. We all sort of caught up. Jules had his arm around me but softly. We spoke about metaphysics & how we love that. It was a short night, wish it lasted longer. Jules, walked me to my car, arm around me. Felt nice & again, surreal. We hugged & he said how he wanted to see me again & I said, I do too.

That didn't happen. What did happen was that he kept appearing in my dreams, lucidly again, as usual. Last October, I went to Boston & Salem with my bestfriend & his husband. Salem, feels like home to me. I am deeply connected to that place. A month before my trip, Jules hadn't come to me. Few days prior to leaving, he came to me every single night. I told my best friend, he said how maybe I could get some clarity from another psychic because we can't always get answers ourselves & another psychic could shed some light on this never ending "matter". The night before going to see the psychic Empath in Salem, he lucidly came to me. That just confirmed to me that I need to seek help from another. I just knew one thing, every single time I asked via tarot, pendulum & other way if he is also witnessing the same types of dreams, the answer was "yes". (Side note, I also asked, several times, if there is no purpose for him to be in my life, I wish for him to no longer seek me in my/our lucid dreams)

I met with the wonderful Empath psychic that said something that had never came to mind. Never occurred that could even happen, even if I believe in past lives. He said that this guy, Jules & I, are deeply connected because not only were we together in our past lives but we were soul mates. Still are today even if we aren't currently together. Everything we did together, the psychic & I, tarot, pendulum, lead to us being forever connected. I was upset in a way because it all made sense. How he acted & how he came to me every single time. I tried to get into contact with him since. Nothing. I am not pushy, I just messaged him once. But I felt that he is restless in regards of us meeting. I knew he had somewhat someone else in his life & stated I just wanted to see him for a coffee, 30 minutes. I truly had no romantic intentions with it to which I also stated. Thinking about it now, may have been a tad odd but I so is "this". Few weeks after my trip to Salem, I went out with 2 of my girlfriends. I said to myself "let's dance & have a good time together". I wanted to shake all of this off of me. Walking up one of the main streets, I started to feel him, I kept walking up to the club where we were going & his presence magnetized. Seeing his face, as the bouncer, both our jaws drop. My girlfriends stated that the energy between us both was out of this world. I went inside, started dancing & drinking, having a good time. I turn around, only to be facing him. His blue eyes & big smile. We small talked but we couldn't even hear each other over what we felt. It wasn't love, it was different. It was overly magnetic. The night ended, we said our goodbyes & that was that... My girlfriends, still mention it when just us (without our current boyfriends).

Now, today, as I stated in my first post. I have a boyfriend of almost a year. I am madly in love with him. We are best friends & lovers. We share everything, but I keep this part to myself because I don't want him worrying about a guy I don't want. I tried to see what it was. Just by trying to talk to him but clearly, he preferred to keep it as is. Jules still comes into my sleep. But unlike before, I don't have him anywhere. I deleted him on facebook, instagram. Everywhere. I actually even blocked him on facebook that way I cannot be reached by him. His encounters still happened. I just kept disregarding them. I practically live with my boyfriend, we live in a area where I know Jules doesn't. Two weeks ago, my best friend, her fiancé & my boyfriend, decided to pick up some junkfood at the convenience store a block down our street. I started feeling something, him, but I said to myself that it was impossible. He doesn't come in this area, his friends aren't in this area. I walk into the convenience store, pick up some junk food & see him. Our eyes meet but neither of us say a word. It was surreal. I took that 1 am encounter as the end of it. Maybe having him see me with someone will make him stop coming to me lucidly. I was wrong.

Last night, I saw him. I remember everything that happened in that lucid dream (that I can't control unlike normal lucid dreams where I control the outcome/what I do). He & I were in a car, my friend was driving & his girlfriend was in the passenger seat. Jules & I, in the back. We were talking, he was warm with me. He apologized for how he has been acting towards me, he apologized for putting up a front & I accepted. He caressed my face & kissed me. It wasn't like any kiss. It was truly intense. It real but in my dream.

I honestly don't know what to do. I have done everything, I don't understand this link. I have accepted that he might have been my soul mate in a past life but in this one, I want to be with my current boyfriend. I want to have a future with him, I truly see that for us. I am deeply in love with him.

I apologize for the long story, I am someone who likes to explain everything, that way you could properly aid me with this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of Light & Positive Vibes!

Stay Magickal & Blessed be.


PS: I know the Blue Moon is at the end of the month.

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