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Healing And Exhaustion


My name is Lisa, I was told by a shaman that I am an empath/clairsient. I have been experiencing spirits placing there hands on me lately, my intentions are to find answers on how to communicate back to these spirits/angels, and how to not fear there healing power.

(I feel a hand on the right side of my face, and another on my left bicep as I am writing)

In my experience with the supernatural I have yet to experience what I have been experiencing these past few weeks. When, I was younger I could see spirit (ages seven through nine) I grew older and I could start to hear spirit (ages nine to sixteen). From the ages seven-teen to twenty-one, I could feel others emotions and physical pains. Now I am twenty-two and I feel spirit emotions, and there hands on my body, an occasional arm around my waist or locked arm on my left arm. Some entities leave me exhausted, and some leave me healed.

The other day I gave my boyfriend a tarot reading, and I happened to communicate with his ex-girlfriend who past away. That day was the first day I channeled a spirit through a body part. I asked to hold his hand because I felt spirit urging me to hold his hand. My boyfriend told me that the way I held his hand and the grip was exactly the way his ex-girlfriend use to hold his hand, and while I was holding it; I knew in my bones that my hand was no longer my own. I felt every pain, and all the joy that this entity had in her being, I told my boyfriend that she was proud of him, and that she loves, and cares for him and then I collapsed. I couldn't walk, or stand up I was so weak. -> how do I prevent myself from collapsing, and losing energy?

Another instance was when I was at work, I'm a cashier... I have this tendency to randomly get anxious over nothing. So, this anxiety came over me at work. I was frazzled, I couldn't concentrate on what questions to ask the customer; all of a sudden, I felt these two hands placed on my back, the palms the fingers, and fingertips shaping into what felt like the shape of a diamond in the upper middle of my back. Tingling sensations filled the area and I started to regain my concentration, and became calm. If I knew what an angel felt like I would think this was one -> I want to know who this is, and what their name is.

(Someone just patted the back of my neck)

These instances I know will only progress. I need guidance, please guide me in a direction to overcome the feelings/sensations I cannot control.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-27)
Bliss655, I would like to make a few suggestion to give a foundation: by Ted Andrews,"How to meet and woe with your Spirit guides.
Look up Oracle 101: she put out a lot of info re Spirit guides. What to look for.

Do some research regarding protection, Bring questions in meditation asking for cues are ways they speak to us.
Bear in mind Guides are learning how to work with us.
Your Gate Keeper-is responsible for allowing Spirit in.
A seasoned Teacher in class would guide, teach, protect the student from being over pressed by Spirit.

If you do your ground work, this can eliminate fear and bring understanding. Also investigating various Protection is helpful. The list for the work is long.

With deceased souls the rule is time must pass, before contacting. Your story dealt with Mediumship. There varing degrees.

Good journey
Blisa655 (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-25)
Dear pathr, I appreciate your feedback. A lot of people have told me to meditate. Meditation, is something I have experienced before. With the experience of meditation, I became afraid because I believe I do not know how to protect myself properly in such a state. I will try the method of white fire. One I have used for protection is a pearl white "goo" (sorry, I don't have another word for it). I will take the knowledge from your handbook and try this before I meditate. Thank you very much for your knowledge.

Dear dreamofme,
Thank you for your insight, I agree I may be in trouble in the long run. I must learn to take control. I will consider your offer, but I must take time to think.

Thank you both for your knowledge, I appreciate it. -love and light-
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-22)
Since each human has different belief systems.
Meditation, as mentioned that supports your beliefs.
To practice something one is not comfortable, can hinder and bring one into an avenue of fear when one is learning. But this is only my experience, but does not make this law for everyone.

A disciplined life is meditation daily.
Keep the mind free from attachments of:anger, fear.
Longing, revulsion, hate, depression. It all takes work as life brings daily changes and challenges.
The aim:is to have mind and will in sync with balance and higher vibrations.

My thoughts are: take some time to get acquainted with your main guide, your Gate Keeper and your higher self.

The Gate Keeper is responsible for allowing Spirits in.

Learning how to Open: Clearing the space. Experience White Energy Fire down ward, opening your chakras, then, ask for protection, invite Spirit once you are ready.

You best area would be to find aSpiritual Circle is where you can practice and have experienced people over see and protect you as you work in Trance. It takes years to become a clear and proper channel.

It is important to eat properly. Drink plenty of water as a body which is dehydrated can become weak and pass out.
Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
Hello Blisa655,
Much of this could be a Spirit Guide. If you can, try to determine who each individual is. You can try to feel who he or she is as you did with the spirit who wanted to hold your boyfriend's hand. It was a good thing you did for both of them.
Also, I agree that you might want to strengthen yourself. Do not overexert yourself and try to meditate daily. Start out for thirty seconds or so and you will work up to longer sessions. This will help you become more in control of when to be open and by how much. You will feel that you have been meditating successfully once you have done it. If you can accomplish thinking without words you have done it. This may help you be able to reach out to spirits for communication.
Be careful and be well.
I wish you peace,
DreamOfMe (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
base on what you wrote, I am sure that it's kind of the dangerous for you in very Long run. Spirits can freely access your body and touch you means either your spiritual energy level is low where they can take away your spirits energy or your soul is kind of lost.
Well in Nepal shaman way, those experience you encounter so must is kind of risky where you will have no peace. I know it's awesome but it's risky.
I can guide you and teach you some body binding techniques for protection. You should be able to control your spiritual powers after trying out my techniques.
Before you saying you are interested, you should not be restricted by one religion.
If you're interested to learn something new (I don't do black magic or some evil magic stuff) add me skype; najaruki
God bless and amen ~ mam.
Blisa655 (1 stories) (6 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
Thank you for your insight, if you don't mind me asking what would you consider a disaplined lifestyle?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-20)
To stand as a Trance channel, one needs to understand them self, be an observer. There needs to be preparation, other wise the human becomes depleted and can become ill. To be a useful vessel one should have a disciplined life.

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