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Attacked By One Family Spirit


This is my first post here, so I'm looking for some answers.

My story is a little bit shocking but I wish you can understand it somehow. I was 4 years old, a normal kid like the others, until I had my first paranormal experience. I was on my own house with my mother, and my grandmother in the living room and suddenly I told them that I was going to the bathroom. There, I was attacked by a spirit which scratched a side of my face and left me bleeding. I went again to the living room running and crying, and my grandmother looks at my mother and says "Look at what happened" and they asked me "Who did that to you?" I just said, "it was my uncle Rui". I can't remember nothing from that day, not even a single thing. The only thing I know, is that this uncle died from a heroin overdose nearly 2 years before I was born, he was my father's brother. The next day after the attack, they told me that I was washing my hands all the time and this continued for a good length of time without asking or saying something about the event. My mother freaked out with this and went to a place where a medium or a wizard, who knows, told her that I'm psychic medium. I don't know if I am one but I have a lot of headaches, I can predict a lot of stuff that happens with my life and I always get from friends that I read their minds while I talk to them when I do that without any purpose, they say "How do you know what I was going to say?!". Well, this is my story, if somebody could give me a clue or something, I'd be grateful!

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Authentica (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-18)
I agree that your Uncle was probably confused and angry. Being a child, you were an easier target for him to get some attention or express his feelings. My grandmother re-married within 6 months of her husband passing and she started having frightful experiences like her stove being turned on or the radio in the night and seeing demons. A trusted family psychic told her it was her former husband who felt slighted, so he was trying to hurt and scare her in revenge. Sensitive and psychic people can unfortunately be more of a target for these things than others, simply because we have the capacity to consciously register this stuff, as opposed to a rigid, 'stiff' type person who wouldn't be able to sense anything...
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-14)
The scratch probably came from your uncle Rui. Most people who pass from a overdose do not realize that they have passed or they do and are very angry about it. And, just so you know, spirits and entities are always attracted to young children because they are of pure spirit. And, he may be trying to communicate to the familly that he is angry about what happened. Or, why did you feel the need to wash your hands for a long time after the incident? Did your uncle Rui scratch you to stop you from doing something bad or putting something in your mouth that may be dangerous? Maybe so, Maybe not. The headaches that you get is what Lyro says it is. It's the first phrase in knowing. Hope this helps.
Lyro (468 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-13)
First off, headaches are a normal thing. When you begin trying something new, the logical way that I look at it is when you get a headache trying to remember something you forgotten. The good news is that with time, and more experience, the headaches will go away. Typically, you're not reading peoples minds when that happens, with a lot of people, they know little things right before they happen. The phone rings and you know who it is, a text is sent and you know who sent it without looking, you touch your phone right as in goes off. It just happens, doesn't mean you're reading their mind. Unless your uncle had a reason to hurt you, my best guess with the limited information would be that it actually wasn't him, maybe it was something else, and in your mind it was portrayed as your uncle.

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