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I am writing this to resubmit what I sent to this web site earlier today.

The more I think about this the more strange this seems but I am going to try and put it all down in text maybe to help myself maybe to find someone that can help me. Can I dare to say that I am physic or is it just a case of losing my mind under the stress and strain that has affected me of late?

A few weeks ago my mum passed, very unexpected and completely out of the blue, my mum had very strong physic abilities, she could "free hand write" as well as give readings using peoples jewelery and by touch. She had sat in "the circle" and practiced things she didn't want to discuss with us.

I suppose we are what you would call a family of believers; all of us have had readings at one time or another from various physics and we have all had different degrees of contact and this is where it gets strange. A couple of days after my mum had passed she contacted me, this at first came in the way of terrible pressure at the back of my head, followed by pressure at the front just behind my eyes. I saw my mum standing watching me and could feel her presents, this pressure continued for the next 30 or so minutes until I sat down, relaxed and concentrated on what was happening. I was shown pictures in my minds eye of 2 types of black shoe, one a flat pump the other of a hi heel, it was put into my mind that we would find a very special necklace with these 2 shoes, low and behold the next day the necklace was found in a box with one black pump painted on it and one black hi heel, something that not even my dad knew. I was also shown what happens when you pass and how the spirit progresses from our plane to the next.

Since, I have had various contacts with relatives and my mum and have been told, by the spirits, I have very strong physic ability and that I should use it. I have experienced free hand writing myself, although it is not very legible but last night saw 3 figures appear in my bedroom.

I can honestly say I do not know what to expect back from putting this out to the world and, if any, what comments I expect to receive back. It is just nice to have in put down in front of me and if any one has any advice on how to handle this I would be most grateful,

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AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
11 years ago (2010-09-23)
Sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. As you soon found out though, she's only gone in terms of her physical shell. I have no doubt, nor should you, that you come from a line of psychics. If you're willing, take your mother's advise and have faith in its truth. I wouldn't wait for the acceptance of strangers to know what you already know inside.

How lucky of you to have this conscious contact with your passed on relatives. Most people never receive such a blessing. We are continued to be loved, and when you pass, you will be united and your relationship will continue.

Be well.

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