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What Kind Of Empath Abilities Do I Have? 2


It's been a long time since I realized that something was actually the matter with me (see my first story) and with the help of others and after reading countless books and websites concerning this topic, I began actually "training" my abilities.

I can recall all of my prophetic dreams with better details and I learned how to interpret them properly.

Sometimes I can even control them a little bit by intensely concentrating on what I want them to show.

Besides, I now don't necessarily have to be asleep to foresee the future, I can also feel or "just know" it now.

And I know I shouldn't brag but I usually get 85% and more right at precognition tests.

I also learned how it is not very intelligent to increase your empathic sensitivity without having a mental and/or emotional shield in case of need.

It almost killed me, feeling every little detail of the seeming or actual misery people are in.

At least no I can control my empathic abilities more precisely and combine it with the others as I can also distinguish more shades of colours in the aura now.

I don't know how I do it, though.

I foretold the death of someone precious to me and I immediately knew when my best friend and the boy I love fell in love with each other.

They didn't tell me and I don't know HOW I got the idea, but one day, just a week before they became a couple I sent a mail to each of them separately and asked them if something was going on between them.

They were literally shocked, because I was away in Prague and I have arrived at home just the evening I wrote them and it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to know, for they didn't tell anyone and kept it a secret, even from each other.

Three days after the incident, they got to know that their love was mutual.

And I discovered a few other abilities.

I can create weak electricity or tiny sparks or warmth with my hands.

And sometimes it seems as if I have some psychokinetic abilities, too, because when I'm bored and stare at things for too long, they move (for example, the clock hanging on the wall of our classroom fell down all of a sudden and I also experimented with pendulas and candle flames and the telekinesis test on this website)

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Believer2012 (1 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-23)
Have you seen any spirits? If not then your house is not haunted and bad spirits aren't attracted to you your energy but with most psychics they are so expect to see spirits In your future.

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