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Spirits Won't Leave Me Alone


I can hear and sense spirits, the problem I am having is that every night for weeks I've been having spirits keep me up at night and not letting me sleep. Ironically, this one spirit would often tell me to sleep, and when I end up doing just that (when I can sleep) I get nightmares of being kidnapped or being watched and sent to parallel universes of my life. I meditate often and imagine light around me and have candles and holy water all over my room. I also tell them to leave and ask for help from my spirit guides but they won't stop talking to me. It's mainly a female voice, and she tells me something about lies, or being framed. I am using all my energy for protection, but they won't go. I need help. If you are a medium, or can astral project to me please comment on here or email me its my username plus (at) c.o.x.n.e.t.

I need more characters on here so I guess to add more to this, I know or I think of the female energy is my bosses mom. I went to my bosses house a few weeks ago to do a cleansing and a reading. Yes, her mom was there, but I think she followed me home because I am the only person she knows that can hear her. I told my boss all I could understand what she was telling me, but I guess there's more to it and that's why she keeps on talking to me, but I can only pick up a little on what she says, and I tell her that I can't hear you, but I can still hear her speaking to me. She'll talk to me all night. I have to put my fan on even though its winter and play music, and even then I can still her trying to talk to me.

I have two other female spirits in my home and one male. The females are good energy and think of them selves as my guide, but I can't tell if its them or my bosses mom. The male in the house doesn't want to leave because he is afraid that he'll go to a bad place. I told him that that's not the case, and that he will be greeted in heaven and resolved of his sins. He also misses drug use and drinking. Because I am 21 I once in awhile drink and let him have a few, but now he is mad at me because I don't share with him anymore. I Just need some help and guidance to send them off to the light, so I can finally sleep peacefully at night.

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